Two years earlier...

This podcast has been a long time in the making. On 17th January 2019, during a Facebook Live film, Hannah channelled the following message from Spirit: 

"The path Hannah and Christian have walked together, when the story is told altogether, has many lessons. They don't necessarily need to be spelt out. You just need to tell the story, Hannah. The ancient art of storytelling. People will hear it on different levels; different things will speak to them. Just tell your story clearly and freely, without giving in to others' demands of how the story should be told...

People will listen to your story, or read the story, and it will touch them in different ways: make them think about their own situation, their own lives, their own relationships, what's possible and where their future lies. You'll bring many people into the light with you...

You and Christian will do this work together. Stand proud and tall. Lean on each other when you need to. He'll always be there: he won't desert you - never again... He'll appear with you every time you're on stage, every time you go into the limelight. You share the limelight together. This is your story... You just need to tell the messages with clarity, humility and love for all." 

So, two years and one day later, on 18th January 2021, we begin to tell our story into the dark. 

And a little pep talk for Hannah, as the visible host! "It's not important whether people believe you or not; it's your truth and you have found clairty and healing from your brother's presence in a different reality. There is nothing to be ashamed of or feel awkward about - who's the one at peace here?! Throw your fear into the flames and rise. You're here to spread LOVE, never FEAR - believe that."


Hannah and Christian, 1991: Lean on each other when you need to


About the Hosts

Christian VeltenProfile Photo

Christian Velten

Explorer | Brother | Spirit

Okay, well, I’m Han’s charismatic young(er) brother. Tall and handsome. Dark and brooding. Always happy to laugh and muck about, get into trouble and take risks with my life. I was a tearaway, if I’m honest, and I loved nothing more than running away from what I was expected to be and do. Never wanted to be ‘normal’ and have the wealthy, British lifestyle which was supposedly ahead of me - sod that. I wanted adventures, heat and passion in my life, not a shrivelled up, spent and spat out existence which I saw before me, if I’d done what I was supposed to do… and I had a very good, and expensive, education afforded me.

It still astounds me that Han, here, searched for me as hard as she did. I’d always loved her, looked up to her and seen her blossom in life. She didn’t do the things which were expected of her, either. We were, and are, so very similar. She’s flighty. Loves the novel, the new. Is adventurous in her thinking and being.

This podcast is going to be about us - and you. How we were both lost and found. It was her incredible spirit which has battled against all the odds to get to me, and to get me home… and I’ll be eternally grateful to her for that. And when I finally get to meet her again, she can give me a huge hug, then a massive slap for being such a pain-in-the-arse little brother.

Love you, Han.

Let’s create… xxx

Hannah VeltenProfile Photo

Hannah Velten

Grief Healer | Sister | Writer

I never in a million years thought I would be describing myself as a grief healer. I was a writer. But then my brother, Christian, disappeared in Africa and life was never the same again.

Today, after 18 years of trusting, personal healing and transformation, I work with people who have been overwhelmed by grief to find balance, peace and joy - whatever the physical circumstances this is possible. Drawing on my own experiences and guided by Spirit, I find the lost things, bring truth/clarity and support people as they reignite their creative powers. It's a complete joy and privilege to be doing this work.

And now I want to share our grief healing ritual (which truly heals and transforms) with a wider audience... hence the radio show and podcast you're listening to! So, come exploring with Christian and myself, and our guests. All you have to do is listen and be open to what touches you. What gives you goosebumps? What makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Listen to every episode in turn, or just pick an episode that calls to you. You will hear what you need. x