April 5, 2021

Episode #11 - Mission... Possible (Accessing Insider Knowledge) - with Natasha Harris

When you feel alone, stuck or lost, wouldn't it be great to know that a whole support team has your back? Well, we all have that support team - unseen, but very much present. Hannah chats to Natasha Harris this week about the Akashic Records which hold all the information about your past, present and future; everything you need to know about your unique past lives, your soul gifts and your spirit guides. But how do we access this information and how can it support us?


Hannah Velten  00:12

Hello, everybody. Hello, welcome. Come on in, as usual, come and sit in a circle. And I've got an amazing lady for you to meet today, Natasha Harris. But I just want to give you a little update really on the thread that's been running through the whole of the podcast - Christian's belongings that need to be returned to him/us. This past week has been the start of lots of new beginnings for me and for Christian and our new adventure that we're going to go on - it did start this week. Out of the blue, I got a contact... I'm not going to tell you the story too much, because I want to leave that for when we're further along. So I can fill you in... But yes, out of the blue, I got contacted by a professor of psychology in New York State and a interfaith minister from South Carolina. They're connected. Their two loved ones in spirit are connected. And they have connected with Christian and I. So yeah, Christian's sitting in a circle with their loved ones in spirit. And we are about to go on a very big adventure; to go and bring back his lost belongings from Africa. Yeah. So just to update you that it's all starting to move. And I've got quite a few guests lined up to introduce you to; to help you. You know, I know we're gathering a lot of people around this podcast - I see you the listeners, as leaders-in-waiting. So this connection that I've made with America, we are making a circle of community and the effect that we have will ripple out. And our guest this evening, Natasha Harris, she also has a circle community, which she is actually launching on the 12th of April, which I belong to and I'm very much looking forward to joining that circle. That circle, that community, will be rippling out the effects of that. I'll talk to Natasha about that. I'm sure if any listeners would like to join that circle, that would be amazing. But yeah, so we're definitely at this time where there's an awful lot of leaders-in-waiting, who are gathering, and the light and the love is going to break through all this fear. And, yeah, can't wait to tell you all about it and see how it turns out. So, yeah, I need to introduce you to Natasha. Natasha, I have known for... it was last year I met Natasha. I'm going to bring Natasha on now. Natasha with the beautiful smile.


Natasha Harris  03:14

Oh, that's sweet. Oh, thank you. I'm so excited about being here and having this conversation with you. And just having goosebumps as you're talking around that and the leaders in waiting. And the circles of rippling effect. Just quite incredible.


Hannah Velten  03:29

So I met Natasha last year, through a circle actually. And I've been working with Natasha in groups and one to one since probably September, last year. Yeah. So I've learned so much from Natasha and her work with the Akashic records. Do you just want to tell the audience and viewers sort of what your work comprises of and how you use the Akashic records? And what are the Akashic Records is probably the first question {both laugh}


Natasha Harris  04:06

So, like a huge topic, all in all, together there. But yeah, so as I said, I'm just delighted to be here. And yeah, so I mean, I work with the Akashic records. I'm an intuitive business coach and healer, working with people who really want to make a difference in the world. And you know, Hannah, I know the ripple effect of what you're trying to do and what you're here to do. I use the Akashic Records really to support people to really come back into touch with who they are on a soul level. So really, understanding who we are on a much bigger, bigger scale - more than just in the physical body - but who we are on the soul level and how we can harness that energy of who we are, to have more empowered lives, to really stand in our soul power, in who we are, and really to have cause and effect and create change in the world through the work that we do, through how we interact with people and how we do things. But I mean, the Akashic Records is vast. If you haven't heard of them, you may have heard of them through other religions. We've been talking about the Akashic records in various ways over the centuries, and in the Bible, they're referred to as "The Book of Life". So people may know of them from that - that's probably how I've always heard of them; not really ever having ever understood what that is - but they really are what I call 'an energetic database' of all the choices, thoughts, feelings, and actions that we've ever taken, and kind of this little store of information that we can harness and use to see what we've been doing, so that we can really shift things around from repeating patterns of behaviour that are holding us back from doing what we really want, to actually really releasing that energy and those holding patterns that we've been doing, probably for many, many lifetimes, because the Akashic Records is really about looking over past lifetimes, as well as this lifetime. Releasing that, so that we can really stand up and really shine, like shine, who we are who we are, shine our soul light.


Hannah Velten  06:10

Oh, that was a brilliant precis on the Akashic records! [Both laughing] How did you start using them? And can you tell us a bit of your sort of backstory?


Natasha Harris  06:26

Where I am today has been a rather kind of interesting unfolding of things coming into my awareness and me going, 'Oh, that's quite interesting, I'll just put my hand up to that and see how that turns out'. And then it's just been another thing that's kind of been a real resource and a tool and a way of life that's just really changed everything for me and my whole perception about how things work and the energy of things, and how we contribute to the energy and the bigger picture of things. I mean, very originally, I started off as an IT manager in my career, I did IT programming at university. Had not a spiritual bone in my body. I was like, yeah, you know all about logic, about risk, about figuring things out and project management and if I do this, how can I avoid this and... it was really my love of travel, interestingly, that really kind of opened my eyes to other ways of doing things and I decided to leave the corporate world, and the IT world, to really work within conservation, that became a really big part of my life, how I could give back, how I could support the environment, how I could support smaller communities. And then really my work led me to being coached by somebody and really loving that whole process of like, oh, my goodness, there's a whole other way that we can view things and stand in our own power and in a different way, but just to really be responsible for our actions that have a huge cause and effect and how we can shift the course of our lives in big ways. And then that opened me up to doing more energetic work and learning Reiki and energy healing - I had no idea what Reiki was, I was just like, 'Oh, that sounds like an interesting workshop, I'll go and check that out'. And then really being blown away, ‘Oh, there is much more to this world than we see, than we can see, feel, hear in the physical world’, and I was just like, it blew me away - I just knew it with every fibre of my being. My logical brain couldn't quite work it out. But I knew it. I knew it in here [points to her heart]. And I was like, this is just something I've got to explore. And I kept it under the radar for a long time. I was like, quite embarrassed about it. My friends were not that way inclined. And then, you know, slowly but surely, I was like, well, this works. Why would I not work with people around this? I was like kind of feeling my way a little bit. And then the Akashic Records came into my sphere of curiosity, and I was like, ‘What on earth is this all about?’ This was probably about eight, nine years ago. And it was just another layer of understanding of how the world works, how I see the world, how I view the world. And it just blew me away. And how I work with that now is like, well, if people want to work with me, it's like, it has to include the Akashic Records because it's such an offering that I can't do my work to the same level without introducing people to that. So people have to be open to experiencing it.


Hannah Velten  09:40

Yeah. Oh, goodness. When you were saying about having everything in your normal senses and then you have the heightened unseen senses that you use, and it's a completely different world, isn't it? It's a whole other world. How do you view the Akashic records? Do you view them as as like a book of your life?


Natasha Harris  10:08

In some ways, I think that's a really good description actually. But maybe not your book of life, but your book of lives. So from the moment that your soul came into existence, that was when your Akashic Record came into existence. It was like a spark, you know, lit up in the universe alongside with you and your soul. And then from that day on, that moment on, information gets added to that. And so when we understand who we are at that essence of that soul level, like, who we are on that energetic spark of Divine, then I really can see how everything changes. I mean, when I really understood my gifts - who I was on a soul level - and started to apply that through things I do on the everyday here on the physical, then my whole world changed, then everything started to shift and change for me. I started to step more into flow with who I was, things started to ease up and things started to unfold for me, things started to happen, people started to come into my experience. And at the beginning, it was a bit like, oh, oh, that's interesting. Oh, my gosh, that's weird. That's a coincidence. And now it's like, it's the norm. It's like, that's what happens in my life, something will unfold - I kind of receive or see an extra layer of information. And something happens in my physical reality.


Hannah Velten  11:35

Yeah, yeah, I can totally understand that. Totally understand that. You were just talking about your soul gifts, and you're sort of soul powers that you have? Can you just explain that concept and how listeners can relate to them, in terms of their soul powers...


Natasha Harris  11:56

Yeah, so we are all unique beings. The way I see it, we're nearly eight billion people on the planet, but the beauty of that is that actually we are all unique and individual. There is no one other being on this planet that is exactly like you; we are all unique and beautiful individual beings. That's what makes our world so fascinating and so interesting - that we are all different. And when we understand that difference, but can come together in that oneness of it - that we're all here together to experience something but that we are all individual within that. And then I really do think everything can change; not just us individually. When we start to include that change for us, on individual level, everything starts to change on a bigger, bigger level as well. So if we think about the Akashic Records coming into existence the moment our soul came into existence, it holds that seed information of who we are, our real unique essence, our unique frequency, our unique vibration, our unique energy field, however, we want to describe that (there's lots of different ways to describe that). It's the energy of our soul, essentially. And so when we can see and tap into the energy of that, we get to understand who we are, and what we can do to really tap into that energy. So we'll all have a different gift. I mean... there's not an infinite number of gifts, there is a finite number of gifts, but where we fall onto that spectrum will be unique and different for each and every one of us. So we can get an overview of what our gifts are, but within that there's very much an individualistic essence to that. And when we can really experience that and really tap into that energy I think we just light up; we become invincible. We are fire. We are able to create in a beautiful way, because fire is a creation, and so when we can really shine that light and be that fire, we can create whatever we put our desires to. We're not here to go, well, I have to fit into that uniqueness and how do I do it - I must be here on mission to do a finite number of things with my life... It's like we get to choose that, but how do we fit that into who we are energetically and then everything opens up...


Hannah Velten  14:21

Yeah, I mean, when I did this with you I did a soul reading for the gifts and I came up with three gifts actually. I may as well just say what mine are, because this is why I'm here! So the first one is like order, so harmony and things just being complete, like a puzzle pieces being put together, so we can see why I'm doing this... And then the second one was the written and spoken word, so expression. And then the third one was third eye, intuition. So doing this, and what I do now, uses all of those gifts and soul powers. And since I've been doing it, you were saying about, you know the fire and getting into flow with it, once you're using your gifts, it feels so easy now. But a lot of that was fear of maybe not really knowing what to do, or feeling held back... and we will talk about the lower vibrational things that keep you away from your flow... so, if people want to know what their soul powers are, is there something that they can sort of tap into to recognise what their soul power is? Is it something sort of like just doing what they love? Or is there more to this?


Natasha Harris  15:58

Yeah, it's really interesting. I think, yes, it is about really tapping into what we love. But I think there's more to it than that. I think what you were saying just a moment ago, I think before, when we don't really know what our soul power is, it becomes a little bit like guesswork. It becomes a little bit like, 'Oh, I love doing this. And I'm going to do this'. And then something distracts us and we kind of get taken off that path. And we've all kind of been there. And that was really my pattern of behaviour before, as well, before I really understood it. I would kind of feel like 'oh, my goodness, everything's falling into place, everything's going great. I love it, everything feels really good' and then something would happen and it would be a bit like a tapping turned off. And I wouldn't have a clue what I did. And so I would stop, I would hold myself back again - the fear would come that I'd broken something, that I done something hugely wrong. And I think when we understand it through the Akashic records, what happens is we get to definitively know, 'oh, you know maybe that's where I stepped out of alignment with who I was. That's where I kind of stepped out and it went a bit wonky' and then we can course correct, or we can tweak something, and we can come back towards it again quite quickly. And again, that's with practice, over time, that quickness of coming back to something just gets quicker and quicker. And I think that that's where a lot of my fear used to certainly come from, just not having this conscious understanding of what it was that was really going on. And that's where we can really tap into it. So if you feel like you're being sort of tugged away from something you love, stop for a moment, but don't stop entirely, just come back, try to come back. And, as you know, Hannah, I do lead a lot of meditations to try and support people to tap into this energy themselves, because we hold it ourselves. We have it. Sometimes we need a guide to show us, to reflect things back to us, to say, 'oh, okay, well, perhaps this is where we went a bit wonky' and I know I need my own guide in doing that. But my view is, I really want to show people how they can tap into that for themselves. But it's a process of learning and trusting, as you talk about, trusting into that, that actually we can self-navigate back towards alignment, back to the direction where we want to go, that we choose. So yes, the consciousness really can shift it.


Hannah Velten  18:34

Yeah. When I sort of tapped into what this episode was going to be about, the main thing that came up, you were saying about trusting your inner self, like we all know how to heal ourselves, we all know what we've come here to achieve, so the trust was definitely there. But the main word I kept getting was strength. So for me, particularly, if I'm supporting other people in the work that I do - and somebody said to me this week, actually, you know, you're supporting me, but I'm sorry, I can't support you.' And I was like, 'Don't worry, because I have a whole, unseen team'. And we all do! They're all here supporting me and I've tapped into them, so I can use them. It's almost like when you are lacking in strength, and feeling like life is probably getting on top of you in some ways, like there is another whole realm, isn't there, of people/energies there to support you and it's important to ask for help as well, isn't it?


Natasha Harris  19:47

Yes, absolutely. That's something that... and I think especially as women, we're not very good at asking for help. We're like, yeah, we can do it all ourselves. We're really good at it and I know that, without a shadow of doubt, that was me: I can do everything. I'm strong. I'm a strong independent women, I don't need anyone. And now I really have lent into the asking. And I laugh at it sometimes, because we have these resources available, we have spirit guide team that are out there supporting us - our own unique team - who are there behind us, gunning for us, going 'just ask us; we're here waiting just to be acknowledged and to be asked'. If I forget occasionally, and then I'm like, 'hey, spirit guide team, you know, come on', and then I can hear... they have a sense of humour. They're like, 'yeah, we've just been sitting here twiddling our thumbs waiting for you'. And I'm like, 'Yeah, okay, I get it. I know'. And it's like having this lightness of heart with things and really drawing on the thought that we are never alone. Like, even now, you know, in this difficult, challenging time, where that's all we are - supposed to be isolated and alone - we're not. We have resources, we have guides, we have an inner guidance system; we're not separate from that. We're not individual beings, with a higher self that we have to call in, we're all of that, at all times. It's about trusting that and opening up and recognising that that is there for us at any moment. We don't have to stop being human and tap into the spiritual and go, 'Oh, I'm going to meditate now. And I'm going to tap into my spirit guide team or my extra resources. And then I have to come back into the physical’. And I think that's what many of us do; and I used to do that as well, not really knowing how to integrate that. It's like when you're walking down the street, when you're doing something, when I'm working, when I'm creating, I'm constantly working with all of that. And it's fun. It's really great. It's exciting, because you're thinking one thing, and then something else will come in, you're like, 'Oh, I hadn't thought about that. Okay, maybe I should listen to that and trust it, and see where that goes'. And it's always works out when we do that. And it's, you know, it's just with a light heart that I laugh at it sometimes and think 'Oh, yes, of course, you know'.


Hannah Velten  22:08

Yeah. So is there any sort of special sort of signal that you have between you and your guides? Or do they come mainly in your thoughts? Or does everyone have different connection?


Natasha Harris  22:25

Yeah, everyone has very different communication styles. It's like how you communicate with others, it's how your guides will, you know, your guides are very individual as well. So some of them might be, you know, very loud and very clear, some of those might be quiet little whispers in your ear. So different guides I find communicate me with me in different ways, depending on what I need at the time. If I'm not listening, then the loudest shoutier ones will come in, and sometimes it feels like a bit like a slap in the face. And other times, it will be a moment where I'm, you know, busy doing something else, or I'm in the shower, or I'm gardening or I'm going for my walk, and I will just get a sense of something or a knowing of something. And it doesn't leave me and normally when I know I need to investigate or look into it or explore it further, an hour later it like pops back in my head. And I haven't forgotten that thing. Because like, I'm always getting ideas. I'm always getting downloads of something or other. I can't listen to it all; I'd be exhausted if I did, but I know when something's pertinent. And I've learned to not not listen to that, if that makes sense.


Hannah Velten  23:42

Okay, and how many spirit guides do people have in general? And do they come and go through life? Do you get different ones? Or do ones stay with you all the way through? How does it work?


Natasha Harris  23:56

Yeah. So I think it's important to know when we're talking about spirit guides, there are different layers of spirit guide teams that work with us. So we have our own personal team of guides who only work with us. Then we have the other guides, we have arch angels, we have guardian angels, we have spirit guides, animal guides, you know, other realms as well. We've got the fairies, you know, all of these Earth elementals that love to communicate with some people. And we might tune into various different ones of those, but we all have a personal spirit guide team. And we kind of like hire them, as we go through life and as we're making more and more choices, and we generally have between four and seven (generally people have five or six) as we go through life depending on how much support we need. So if we choose to take on a bigger mission in life, a bigger role in life as a leader, we may hire an extra guide along with us to support us, as that extra bit of resource. If we don't, then we may not need as many guides and neither is good or bad. We choose how we want to walk in life. But our guides want to be heard. Our guides want to be asked. My feeling, and my sense is, that our guides are like a few steps ahead of us on the evolutionary learning/spiritual learning curve, if you like, and they want to learn alongside us, they're here to join with us so that we can learn, but they also get to learn as well. And so they hold a very playful learning energy around them as well. So they want to see us thrive, they want to see us expanding and growing as human and spiritual beings.


Hannah Velten  25:45

Yeah, that's something which you've said a couple of times about the lightness and the playfulness of this because that's so important, isn't it? I know when I started looking at spirituality, and, and it was all terrifying to be honest. And then you start getting into it, and, since working with you, I do feel it's a lot more playful. And this is fun. We are supposed to be having fun in life, aren't we?


Natasha Harris  26:14

Oh, yeah, I totally agree. I mean, like, I used to be so serious, especially when I was in corporate. And when I was in project management. I took my job and my role very, very seriously in life, and it showed in all areas of my life; you know, I was fun, I was a bit of a party goer, but, you know, I could also see that real seriousness, and I really recognise (you know, hindsight is a beautiful thing) that had I not shifted careers, had I not shifted things, I think that that seriousness in me would have got stronger, and the playfulness would have diminished, and would have diminished my light at the same time. And actually, you know, now saying that out loud, that's very clear to me. And you know, everything that I teach around business and everything, sometimes it isn't easy, you know, it's challenging being an entrepreneur, challenging putting yourself out there, but I think one of the joys of me teaching that, is to bring the joy into that, so that people can really enjoy it. Because we are here to have fun. We are not here in this lifetime, I don't believe, to just be serious and to get the job done. We're here to have as much abundance and lightness and fun and connections and experiences - for me life is about experiences - as we can.


Hannah Velten  27:35

Gosh, that leads beautifully into the next subject really... for me, I can definitely see that I was serious, you know, with massive grief sitting over me and the fun went out of life. Totally. Yeah, you know it did. And grief is one of those things that brings your vibration so far down. And I know a lot of my journey was getting the vibration up. So if we're going to talk about a place of low vibration, what does that attract to us? How does that manifest in our life? Like the fear that is surrounding us in the collective, in a lot of ways at the moment? What will that bring to us? What will that attract to us?


Natasha Harris  28:35

Yeah, so it's really interesting, because the way I see energy is that energy is energy. So it's either a lower vibration or a higher vibration, however we see it. Whatever vibrational frequency we are in, we will attract more of that. So we have to be really mindful about what is our most predominant energy? What energy is that? Is it more that I'm doing more fear in a day than I'm doing joy? Or am I doing more joy and lightness and playfulness in my day and I'm doing some fear? You know, because we live in a very polarised world right now, it's not easy to maintain balance, given everything that's going on. And we are effected. And most of us are sensitive beings and we don't want to protect ourselves from all the fear that's going on, because that's fear- based in itself - if we shut ourselves away, and we're fearful of everything (and I mustn't put myself in that vibration) that is actually an energy of fear. So it's how we're doing these things. And we have to experience ALL energetic vibrations, because we don't know what joy is without having experienced sadness. We can't possibly know what that is. But what we do have in the middle of that is a choice. Where do we choose to put our attention and our energy towards? Do we choose to stay in the "lower vibration"? (and I'm using air quotes, because it's just another energy; we say it's lower, we say it's higher, but it's just another energy. And we know we can measure it in terms of frequency, sure... that's not to say that we can't measure it in terms of higher and lower, but I find it really supports me and my clients, if we stopped looking at it as bad and good, or lower and higher, that it's just another energy). And from that energy of fear, what can we learn about ourselves? What can we do differently around that, that will shift us out of that, and to start with it's always baby steps. It's little steps that lead us towards something that, you know, find something that brings you joy in the middle of that, and then do something a little bit more along those lines, and then a little bit more, and shifting our general energy and our attention to what we want to do more of.


Hannah Velten  30:54

Yeah, because a lot of it is results, isn't it? So like, what results are you seeing in your life? And that kind of indicates what you're giving out?


Natasha Harris  31:05

Yes, yeah, absolutely. You know, we can see quite quickly where our energy is going, because our environment will reflect that directly back to us. So we know it when we put ourselves in a vibration with like-minded people and that's what we experience -  if we see the world as bad, we will only see the bad; if we see the good, then we will only see the good. And I have really, really tried to see the positive in the world. That's not to negate that other things don't happen, but where we want to draw our attention to is so important. And we will start to see that very quickly in our results and where we're putting our attention to, and what we are doing, that really creates a whole different world. Things will start to change... Gratitude is a great example. Having a gratitude, there's so much research and so much science behind it now, we cannot argue with it... If we have a daily gratitude practice, we can then start to see that reflected back in us. People start to respond to us differently because we shift our vibration. Now that has to be not that we sit down for three minutes a day, and we write 'Oh, this was good today, this was good today, this was good today' - we've got to feel it, we've got to go, 'oh, remember that thing that happened today. Wow, I'm so grateful'. We've got to feel that gratitude in every single cell of our being. And to start with that's not easy when we feel there's lots of hardship going on in our life. But if we start to feel that a little bit, our vibration starts to shift, and then we start to shift our vibration, and we start to become a match to that. And then we start to see the results showing up. So we have to feel it. I heard somebody say, which I thought was genius, "Don't just do gratitude and pay it lip service. Do it like you mean it, and then everything will change".


Hannah Velten  33:15

Yeah. And then you start attracting your frequency and your vibration. And then doing the little steps and using your soul gifts and your soul powers... and you just get into flow. It's a beautiful thing. I mean, having been through the whole sort of process with you, it is completely powerful and life changing, totally. The other thing that we needed to talk about today was like, vision, having clarity. I know we are talking a lot at the moment in this podcast about new beginnings, because we're Easter and springtime, but in your work around past lives we can see that they bring through blocks that you may be not aware of. So say you're working on something, and you just keep repeating the same behaviours, can you just tell us about how your past lives impact on your life now and... we'll just do that question first {both laugh!}.


Natasha Harris  34:31

Yeah. It's really interesting. In its simplest form, if we think back over history, you know, history hasn't been kind. It hasn't been generous. If we think about how we might have been, especially if we've been incarnated as women, it wasn't always easy to live our soul purpose, our soul powers. It wasn't easy to stand up as a woman, or a man, and express your truth and say, 'Hey, this is what I feel is important'. You know, this is where we get a real opportunity TODAY, because we live in a very different world (thankfully) where we can express ourselves and we are not afraid in the Western world that we will get, you know, executed or burned at the stake for speaking up and saying things are perhaps not quite the way that they've always seemed. In past lives that was dangerous. So if we think about a past life where we've had a past life where we had been killed, because we spoke up, we write that into our Akashic Record, as if to say, don't forget this, never speak up in a next lifetime, because you may die. That's how serious some of these things are. And this can be seen in us failing to speak up to a boss today; to say, 'Hey, I'm not happy'. It has the same energetic resonance to it. So these things can play out in really, seemingly safe environments where it's like probably quite safe for you to say to your boss, 'you know what, I'm not happy. This is not working for me, how can we change this and have an open conversation about it?' But because we hold that soul memory, we don't feel we can express ourselves, and we can't speak up. So this goes through loops, it goes through relationships, it can go through our health and well-being, like something's not okay, we don't feel well, but we daren't speak up about it, because someone might judge us for it. So it can play out in so many different life areas. So when we actually can look at the Akashic records and say, this was the past life, this is what happened and this is the energetic resonance - so it might be, you know, you've got an energy of silence attached to this, you can then see how that plays out in your lifetime, because there are some people that really aren't silent, so this doesn't play out for everyone. So it will resonate, it will be like, 'Well, yeah, I can totally see how I'm being silenced. Or I silenced myself, or I'm constantly around people who are telling me to shut up or don't value what I say'. And so then with that consciousness and that awareness, we can go, 'Okay, well, what do I need to do differently in order to change my results? How do I show up differently? And, of course, then we can do some work in the Akashic records to actually clear that energy so that we have a bit of a pathway, a bit of a clearing in the forest, you know, we've slain some of those weeds, so we can actually find a pathway through that, to actually give us an opportunity to do things differently. So that supports our shift in our actions.


Hannah Velten  37:47

Yeah, it was amazing doing the past lives with you. I think I was shown four past lives and just the things that came up, and you're just like, 'Oh, my God, yeah, of course’. I had an 'energy of betrayal' for one. And then also guilt - going against my family's wishes - that's a big one, isn't it? Like family things? And then a 'vow of poverty' and a 'contract of protection', and all these things that just made sense.


Natasha Harris  38:22

Yeah, they really do. And I didn't really know you when we did the first reading, did I? So we'd not known each other for a long time. Like, I really didn't know you; I don't think we'd even had a conversation.


Hannah Velten  38:36

No, we haven't. No, no.


Natasha Harris  38:39

So these things can really give us a sense of understanding.


Hannah Velten  38:45

Yeah. And these past lives affect every part of our life. Like you were saying the social, the emotional, the financial, the physical. And then when we talk about karma, as in we're coming into this life with a.... How would you describe karma? Because I know how I describe it, but how would you describe it? And how does that affect our life?


Natasha Harris  39:11

Yeah. So the way I see things and I intuit things is through energy. It's like somebody will be in an experience in front of me, and I'll be able to see what energetically is being exchanged. I'll be like, 'Oh, that's interesting. What's going on there?' Or if somebody relaying a story I can see what's at play energetically-wise. So I think for me, karma is really about what is the energy that's playing out over and over again; we've kind of like filled a whole backpack of stuff over past lives, slung it over our shoulders, and we're carrying it with us, and we're just digging them out at certain points in life and we're going, 'right, I'm going to play that one again'. And then we put it away for another rainy day and we'll pull it out again. And it's like, how do we unpack that and leave that unpacked? And it is a journey. I would really like to say that, you know, although I believe that everything is magical, there is no magic at play. It's not like I do some work in the Akashic Record and by poof of magic, like everything's gone - you get to be a participant in that. And that's what I love about the work that I do. It is very much about putting the person that I'm working with - you, whoever else - it's like handing someone the information with responsibility that you get to create and rewrite it all, if you choose.


Hannah Velten  40:40

And that is like the key isn't. You can do all the activations, all the meditations, all the whatever that you can do, but if you don't act on it, and do the little steps and make changes...  you have free will, don't you, you can either take it or leave it. And... the other thing that's just come into my head is about boundaries, where you're giving your energy away. Perhaps you can explain that better than I've just tried to - those boundaries and that you are in control of your energy.


Natasha Harris  41:26

Absolutely, no one can take energy from you, under any circumstances, unless you give them permission, and you give it to them. So as the holder of your energy, no one can take anything from you, unless you willfully give it and that is unconscious, subconscious, superconscious, most of the time. But we are giving away energy all the time. And it was something you said a little earlier, you know, as healers we are that tower of strength, but we don't need anything from someone because we’re the support, but we're not giving anything away, either. And that's how we maintain our energy and for healers that I work with, I really do a lot of work with them around this, a lot of guidance work around this, because it's something we can get quite confused with as healers, as people who are supporting others, that we think we've got to give in order to the best job we can. And we only really do the best job we can from a tower of strength. And that's in very good energetic boundaries around us, that hold us in the driving seat, if you like, and say, sometimes I might need to give you a bit of energy, but I know that's going to come back to me tenfold because I'm not leaking it out. I'm sharing it. I like to talk about sharing my energy, like 'Come in, sit with me, share in this beautiful energy that we're co-creating' and it's not giving away - I like to think of myself (do I do this all the time, I'm not sure?) like to shine as much as I can, and allow people to feel what that feels like so they can do that and then it all flows around the system in such a beautiful, harmonious and balanced exchange of energy. That's how I like to describe it - a balanced exchange of energy.


Hannah Velten  43:26

So just a quick question, how would you know if you are leaking energy?


Natasha Harris  43:32

Very good question. I think it's really obvious - you will feel depleted, you will feel exhausted, you will feel tired, you will probably feel like you never get enough sleep, you will feel constantly drained. They're not the high vibing good feelings. And you know when you are maintaining your energetic boundaries, you will feel great, you will feel energised, you will feel amazing after giving treatments and working with somebody. I always feel amazing. I'm always on cloud nine. I really do believe, and feel, I get as much as I give in the sessions with my clients. My clients are incredible. And it's just a beautiful co-creation in the space. We are in it together. We're seeing what bubbles to the surface and I learn as much from my clients as hopefully they learn from me. Yeah, it's a beautiful exchange.


Hannah Velten  44:28

It's huge, isn't it, this co-creation. And I mean, say if we're fear based (you were talking about this earlier), we kind of tend to be quite insular and back away in protection mode, but actually, that's something we need to really get rid of, isn't it, or overcome, because co-creating... that's naturally how we're supposed to be, isn't it?


Natasha Harris  44:44

Yeah. Absolutely, that's how we get to change the world that is in crisis. Really, we do this by being each a tower of strength and working with each other, and co-creating this new way of being that we want to see coming into being on earth. And that's what I really truly believe - this is how we co-create change, and we need it. We really, really need it.


Natasha Harris  45:26

We do. What do you see as some of the biggest problems at the moment?


Natasha Harris  45:33

Oh, wow, gosh. Actually, we've talked about it. I think fear is really one of the biggest challenges that we want to navigate. It's a challenge, we can overcome it. It's where do we choose to put our energy? I've stopped watching the news - I, you know, I'm informed, I listen to things, I try to get a range of opinions on things (so it's not about like, 'Oh, I don't wanna listen to that, I'm gonna listen to only the good stuff'), I want to know what's going on, so I can make informed choices. So it's not about shutting yourself away, again, because that is fear based. It's really around how we start to do things differently, so we can start to infuse our life with more joy, with more of those other vibrations that we want to see more in the world: that's working with others, collaboration, unity, connection. Wow, you know, we need that. We must not let that fall to the wayside, because that's what the rhetoric... everything that we are being told right now is to distance. It's like how do we create connection? And I have done my hardest to create an infused connection in this situation, over the last year, to support others, to be connected as much as possible, so that we can keep that energy flowing around.


Hannah Velten  47:04

Yeah, and it's interesting, because I did an abundance course with you - I think that's how I first got with you, which I know you do quite regularly during the year, which I'd recommend anybody do - but that was all about stepping into this universal flow, wasn't it, of money, of light, of love, of everything, and to show that we are so connected, you know. What we as individuals do, ripples out so much to everybody else, and our communities, our families; you know, we can really change other people's lives.


Natasha Harris  47:45

Oh, yeah.


Hannah Velten  47:45

And we need to be the ones that change and then that sort of ripples, doesn’t it? So we're also connected…


Natasha Harris  47:53

Yeah, absolutely. There is no separation. You know, there really isn't. We can't get away from that. Everything is connected. And you know, it's a bit like, as I shine, you shine, as you shine, I shine. And then someone else gets a whiff of that and goes, 'Oh, what's that shining going on over there? Let's have a bit of that.' And so that's how we ripple out that change. And if we can do that - in whatever situation we're in or however we are feeling right now in the moment - if we can just spark a moment of that a day, and then two moments of that a day, and start to build on that. As I said, you know, the small steps of that, we really make a huge difference. Don't for one second think that that's just impacting you; know that other people will see it, and as you do it for yourself, you do it for others (and not that you're giving that away). And I think that is the beauty of being human and understanding the world from a different perspective nowadays that we are really starting to understand.


Hannah Velten  49:01

Yeah, I know in meditations during the last set of course that I did with you, I kept seeing this  spiral that was opening up and raising up. And I know we talked about this a while ago because your new logo for your business was this image...


Natasha Harris  49:20

I know. That was hilarious, because you mentioned it when we were having a chat, and I'd literally just done that symbol (worked with a branding person around that) and I just got goosebumps... I can't believe you're bringing that up right now! It was such an affirmation for me: 'Oh, yes, my logo's totally what I need and what's right'. Yeah, we're just constantly in this ever-moving, ever-evolving, ever-expanding universe. Nothing is finite, nothing is fixed. Whatever you are going through and feeling right now, it can transform and it can transform quickly, as well, which is the beauty of it.


Hannah Velten  50:04

Yes, it can change really quickly, once you get your vision right and stay focused. It was funny, because when I was doing meditations during your course, I kept being given a microphone, and being told about this podcast, and I wasn't sure. And I kept seeing this spiral of energy and the higher you go up, the more audience you have, or the more it ripples out, and people are able to see you. And I know we are talking to the leaders-in-waiting, who are listening to the show, and it is so important that, you know, we are here talking openly and I hope it's kind of encouraging others to start exploring things - we know they're being led - and it's being open to exploring new things, and using your voice and standing up and telling your truth. And I just wanted to talk about your circle that you're starting up; it starts on the 12th of April. What I was saying earlier about having small circles of of people, and you're all supporting each other, and then you start linking with other groups, which is what is happening to me (you know, you do link to other groups), and then it's just a bigger and wider effect, so do you just want to tell the audience about your circle that you're starting up with Lucy...


Natasha Harris  51:33

Yeah, the amazing Lucy Brand, who's now become such a dear friend of mine. And it's called 'The Circle of Light Movement' and Lucy and I have this huge vision of how we can ripple this light out. We want to invite people who are ready to come and dance in the light with us. And so we created a monthly membership, it's an opportunity to come and join us in 'The Circle of Light Movement' - it's going to be a global movement - we're literally just launching on the 12th of April. We are so excited; we've already invited incredible souls to come and work with us already, and it's really a place where people can come and hang out with like-minded people who are behind them, supporting them, gunning for them. If we're going through a challenging time, there will be people there that can really support you through that challenge, and allow you to grow and expand and to start creating change in the world. So it's not just for business owners, this is people who really want to make a difference through their own family, their community - doesn't matter how small that is, if you know you have a spark of light in you that you want to expand and light up further and come and dance in the light with all of us, then please come and join us. It's going to be expansive. I am so excited.


Hannah Velten  52:54

I'm excited, and I can feel the energy around just as we're just talking about it. And so where can people find more information about the circle?



So go to www.circleoflightmovement.com. There's a 'join the membership' page on there with loads of information about what you get (there's loads), a bit about the vibe of the community that we want to draw in. So go to that website, have a read - if you've got any questions, or you're like, 'Oh, I'm not sure', just reach out to Lucy and I, we'd be delighted to have a chat with you. If you read it and you're like 'yay, I'm in', just click the button and come and join us. We start on the 12th. Doors will close on the 12th for that group, and then you'll be put on a waiting list for the next intake of people. So if you're thinking maybe not right now, just put yourself on the waiting list and come and join us next time round.


Hannah Velten  53:53

Yeah, I'm excited about it. It's going to be great. And it would be lovely to have some listeners join in as well. That would be amazing. That would be amazing. Well, that's our time. I can't believe it always goes so quickly. So thank you so much, Natasha - it's been a joy as always to talk to you and to have you on the show. And I know next week we have Niki Shefras on, who's going to be talking all about nature and lessons we can learn. Nikki and I, we do fire circles together. It's another joyful, joyful person in my life. I am absolutely blessed at the moment to have all these people in my life. And I know that I'm attracting these people as well. I understand that totally. But honestly from going from where I was, with Christian in that state of total grief and fear, and just steadily releasing those blocks and the layers and it is totally life-changing. So if you are really feeling that something needs to change in your life, like now is a really, really good time to make the leap. And yeah, it would be lovely to see some people in the group as well. So next week, yeah, we're going to be talking about nature and also how you can follow the seasons and how you can slow time down and really get joy from being in nature and connecting with Mother Nature. So that will be next week's session. So thank you so much, everybody for listening. And you can always find past episodes at www.finderoflostthingspodcast.com and there are transcriptions and everything there. And if you would like to review the podcast that would be great, on iTunes as well. Okay, lots of love. Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you to Natasha and I'll see you next week.


Hannah Velten  56:20

{outro} Thank you for listening to The Finder of Lost Things. I think we've been triggered so long and so hard by COVID and it's gonna carry on. People are getting used to stillness and they're getting used to a more solitude but how do you use that time for the highest good, this process that we're going to explore will bring back the joy and purpose to life. That wholeness you know, that sort of harmony and flow and togetherness. People are really ready to find their lost parts now. You can find me at www.hannahvelten.online

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