April 26, 2021

Episode #14 - Trusting Yourself & Healing Yourself

Probably the hardest thing to let go of during a healing journey is mistrust. We've all experienced events in our lives which have caused us to lose trust in ourselves, in others and in life; but your soul self is willing you to trust again. Hannah explores how she lost and regained her trust, by taking back control, by knowing when to let go and opening up to learning and growth. We all know how to heal ourselves and trusting yourself to make the decisions, based on your feelings, what your body is telling you and inner guidance, is something Hannah (channelling Spirit) wishes to pass on. We are at the dawn of a new way of healing. Perhaps this episode is what you need to hear right now as we move into 'The Growing Time', when establishing firm foundations now can help you achieve your highest potential.


Hannah Velten  00:10

Hello, Hi, good evening or good morning, welcome. Come on in, as usual, come and sit around in a circle. Well, I wonder how your week has been? My week has been interesting, to say the least. We've just moved into a time of growth, real growth - into 'The Growing Time'. And I don't know how everybody's been affected by this? We've been talking the last sort of month about things sort of starting to awaken, and getting some intentions and some plans for the growth time. So it's obviously a time where you're going to be bringing things forward into the growth. But the thing about the growth time is that you have to have really strong foundations for the growth to really reach the potential that you want it to reach. And that means well, like if you're planting seeds, you need to remove the weeds, you need to remove the stones, you need to have a nice tilth on the soil, you need to plant the seeds in the right place - whether they like sun, whether like they like shade, dry or damp soil - you know, all of these things we have to consider when we're planting seeds. And it's really at this point, the time where have to really get the foundations right for what you are going to grow over the next probably six months, at least three to four months anyway.


Hannah Velten  01:47

So this week, yeah, there was a plan for this podcast. And then unseen circumstances came up. And it's just me on the podcast this week. So yeah, sort of a push really to trust myself came through. And I always pull some cards for when I'm planning the podcast and this week I got (I don't know if you can see him) - the beautiful polar bear is the Hierophant which usually, in these animal tarot cards, signify me. So I thought this was a bit strange when it came up associated with another guest that I was doing the show preparation for, and then obviously it was actually for me. So I am going to talk to you about trusting yourself. Now we've talked a lot about trusting the process, we've talked about trusting Spirit, but I'm actually going to be talking this week about trusting yourself. And this has a lot to do with 'The Growing Time'. And like trusting yourself that you will be able to create what you want to create.


Hannah Velten  03:10

Okay, now I'm going to tell you quite a few different stories about my experiences. And this has become very clear to me this week: opening up the role that I play, and actually getting more clarity on the role that I play. And I think probably everybody will have been getting more clarity as the Spring has gone on about maybe their goals, what they want, what's coming up for them or for YOU, listeners. So I want to tell you a story about me giving my trust away and putting all my trust in somebody else. Let's start with that, because I think we do that a lot: we might get dreams, we might get visions, we might get gut feelings, but then we give it away, give our power away almost, our decision making. We give it away to other people just by asking them, you know, "what do you think?" So we start to doubt ourselves. And self-doubt is a massive, massive barrier to achieving what you really dream of achieving. So when Christian... oh gosh, so this is 2015 - now Christian at that point have been missing for 12 years - and I started to (I'm sure I've told this story before) I started to get heat in my back. I used to feel like warmth in my back. And I would turn around and think, you know, there's nobody there. It was almost like somebody had put a hand on my back; I started to not be able to swallow properly, like having real trouble with my throat. And at that point, I had started to talk to people who were involved in Spirit through the work that I was doing as a ghost writer. So I knew kind of these were spiritual signs, but I didn't really know what to do with them. And like looking back now, I know I was starting to be called - this was definitely a 'calling to action'. Because we'd been stagnated for so long, with Christian missing. And, you know, my energy was very heavy, and I was very stagnated and in grief, and I hadn't even looked at my grief; hadn't even started to begin to unravel my grief and the trauma that was surrounding me. Anyway, I knew enough that I had to reach out to somebody. And  like... I would say, the majority of people who have lost a loved one... you start to think, right? How am I going to, you know, find signs of their existence, you know, that they're still connecting with me, you know. You don't trust yourself to be able to do that, so let's go and see a medium, let's go and see a psychic medium, let's see if we can get some connection. And that's exactly what I did. I approached a psychic medium. And the first reading that was actually done, I was very fearful and the reading was not good and it wasn't really flowing. But it was enough to make me go back again, in six months time after that. I knew enough that this was the person I was very attracted to this person, energetically, so I knew it was the right person. So I was trusting myself in terms of, you know when you have a feeling about somebody - we all have that, people make that first impression on us - and I just knew it was the right person. But as time went on, and as we became more and more involved, you know, it became very obvious that I was being led down a certain path and I began to feel uncomfortable. But I also... my voice is going now [Hannah clears her throat] so I kind of also knew that this was all part of the journey... and our grandfather was also present in each session that I did; he was kind of keeping a wary eye on the proceedings. And actually, my family got involved because I was giving too much of my self away and I was becoming more and more uncomfortable... and on their side as well. I wasn't paying for the sessions that we were having, but it was becoming more obvious, on both our sides, that this was not healthy connection. And when you know something isn't right, this is where you have to trust yourself. You have to trust yourself, that what you're feeling in your heart, in your gut instincts and maybe what your dreams you're having and what visions you're having, you really do have to trust them and you have to trust your body if your body is starting to feel uncomfortable with everything that's going on.


Hannah Velten  09:52

Looking back now, in my position now as being able to communicate with Christian and the work that I do now, it was very obvious that I could connect with Christian, it was very obvious that I could be doing all this myself. And that's a point I want to go back to. And in my dreams, and in my visions, I was actually having visions of cutting ties with this person and, so for example... I didn't know at this time, what these visions were meaning and what I was actually energetically doing... but I was putting this person in a hot air balloon, and letting them go away. So I was energetically cutting ties. I didn't know where that was coming from. And that's part of the trust - and I'll talk about rituals as well in a minute - but anything that comes up for you, in terms of actions that you take, of things that you do that you don't know where... you don't know why you're doing them, you don't know where that's come from... like, just trust yourself, because you have a higher [I don't know what to call it really]... I'll call it a 'higher Hannah', or a 'soul Hannah' ... that knows what you're doing, why you're here; and that higher self is guiding you all the time. Okay, so, from 'soul Hannah', I was being given information all the time, about trusting myself, the real need to trust myself, trust my feelings. And actually, in the end, I did disconnect from this psychic medium and it was quite a difficult process. And that was because I could feel the intention, on both our sides, and it wasn't a truthful and a pure intention to get involved with me and Christian, and what was going to happen later on. So, yeah, the lesson there for me, was to completely trust my instincts and to trust how I was energetically releasing them. So, for example, if you have people in your life where you start by feeling comfortable around them, and then you start to feel that you're not so comfortable around them. There's a reason for that. There'll be a reason your body and your soul is telling you that either the connection is no longer needed, or you're giving too much of your power away. You know, you're relying on somebody too much when you could actually be doing what they're doing for you. So I was being shown a gateway through this person and we were supposed to meet, we had a soul contract before - we were supposed to meet, I totally, totally understand that, and believe that. But I was being shown, like this gateway to spirit. And it was the first time that I'd really made that contact with Spirit, and it was getting me used to it and understanding how it worked. So yeah, trusting the body, trusting yourself and knowing when to release is exactly the lesson I think I learned there, but also trusting then to keep going forward myself.


Hannah Velten  14:53

So it was really bringing forward my own sort of psychic abilities, and I do believe we all have psychic abilities, we all have senses... And I had a conversation with somebody the other day actually about psychic mediums... and actually anybody that you're working with, if you're working with a therapist, if you're working with a..., I don't know somebody that you have a long term relationship with, that you rely on. Like you are giving your power away. I hear... in fact, I have actually lost count, seriously, of the number of people who've come to me, who've said, I've been working with a therapist for years and for some reason, it just doesn't feel right to be working with him anymore. You know, I don't feel this is doing me any good and it's almost like I go to a therapist, or I work with this person, out of an obligation. And I can understand that actually, it's like I have to keep doing these sessions, but actually you've moved on from the sessions, there's nothing more that they can give you. And it's then up to you to take your power back. And sometimes you don't know where to go, you know, if I don't have these sessions with this person, what's then going to happen. The thing is, and trusting yourself, is to know when it's time to release that relationship. And actually ask your higher self, or even trusting the universe at this point to say, look, I am going to finish the sessions, or whatever... it could be in a relationship, it could be any relationship really, ask to be shown another way, or the next step on your journey, an empowering step on the next journey.


Hannah Velten  17:15

So taking back the power for me, in my story, I then started to meet people who could help me be open to being... using my abilities. So, as I was saying, we all are able to open (a lot of it is being actually open), but we are all able to receive from our senses, from dreams, from our gut instinct. And it's really a decision to be listening to these signals. I always have it shown to me like your body's an antenna, or antenna. And you just need to be open to receiving all the messages that are coming in and trusting them. It's really, really important to trust your body. And trust your soul. Sorry... for some reason, I'm automatically gone to my throat now {Hannah's hand went to her throat} and, um, a lot of this is about then speaking your truth. So... where's this going? It's like being honest with yourself, and being honest with other people and really seeing what you need. So I knew when I'd finished working... it actually came to a natural sort of end with this psychic medium, or a hiatus - we were waiting for things to happen and they never happened - so it became a natural break. And then once I'd sort of energetically moved away, that space was then open for other people to come in to help me and, through that, I was able to see and experience the connection to Spirit myself... I was then able to connect to Christian directly and at the time, we thought we were (because we still thought he was alive), we then thought we were just telepathically connected.


Hannah Velten  20:11

But the thing is that, you know, we all are able to connect and use our senses. And if anybody is keeping you in their... I was going to say 'thrall', I don't know if that's the right word... but if anyone's kind of keeping you reliant on them, or an outcome is dependent on them being around, like, I would question that, because that is giving away your control. And I was talking to somebody else, actually the other day, about psychic mediums, and, you know, I'm not bashing psychic mediums because I know, having been experienced in that... in terms of conformation, and connection, it's something that people really need. And I needed it at the time, initially, as confirmation of an afterlife, and the spirit and the energy of somebody continuing, or an animal continuing... but there has to be a certain point where the medium... there are lots of mediums who do say, look, after they've done a certain number of sessions, if it becomes obvious that there's a dependency, they say, look, you can do this yourself, you can connect, and they will then show the person how to do it themselves, or give guidance on what to do. Which is the only sensible and truthful thing to do. Because I've had clients who I will work with for a certain number of sessions and I will get told, you know, they're ready, they know, they can do this themselves. They're in tune with themselves, they're open, they're receiving, like, they don't need you anymore, Hannah, they are empowered. You know, that's the aim of the work that I do, and our work moving forward. And this is why we tell you the stories, this is why we introduce you to guests, so that you can be inspired and find practical ways that you can really empower yourself.


Hannah Velten  23:03

We all know how to heal ourself. We do. We seriously do. We know what we need. And that was part of the reason... and as we go on... we have to step away from this old way of healing with, you know, somebody who knows everything and you go to them and they do the work for you or they are able to unpick everything. Really, the person that you go to for help is a support, and has done the process, and is there as... I keep getting this word of "wayshower" - like they're there to show you the way. This is a whole new way of healing that's coming in and I've been getting a lot of it this week, which is why it's been quite an interesting week for me. So the way of healing is going to change. We have been through the pandemic COVID - we are still experiencing it, although not so much of the lockdown - but the whole pandemic has created... I actually heard, or saw something written, that we're going to be needing a 'National Grief Strategy' to deal with the after-effects of COVID, in terms of mental health, in terms of loss, in terms of grief. I'm just hearing now... like, the structures that are in place now are not going to be able to cope with the amount of help that's needed. And it is going to force a change. And this is where myself, Christian, the guests that we have on, the listeners - you - there's going to be plenty of you out there, who are part of this new healing 'frequency' and way of dealing and healing losses: that can be in terms of physical losses, in terms of bereavements, that can be in terms of relationship breakdowns, redundancies, all sorts of mental health issues, but also spiritual losses. So, soul loss, missing pieces - which is what happened to me - you know, when you have a traumatic loss, when you go through something traumatic, there's something called [I don't know why I'm going into this now], but you lose parts of yourself. And a lot of the healing process and how I work is that (when somebody comes to me) I see them as a whole (I can already see them as whole), and it's a case of finding the missing pieces and bringing them back, but in a way that the person recognises their missing pieces, and where they are, and how to bring them back, and how to align themselves as a whole person and how to cope with being a whole person, because when you've been not a whole person and you've had soul loss and experienced trauma, it's completely different when you become whole again, and adjusting to that. But that's maybe another side of the story. But, yeah, so there's going to be a totally different new way of healing, and it's going to rely on you, us all, really looking to ourselves for healing. So we all know what we need. And we all know rituals, we all know like, rites of passages, and the way things were done before, you know, and through past lives, what we've experienced and how we've been able to heal before. So there's going to be a lot more emphasis on people having the courage and the determination to actually go on these healing journeys. And doing it ourselves and trusting ourselves.


Hannah Velten  28:27

There's a huge gap in what we think we're able to do and what we're actually able to do. Something came to me this week, actually, I remember doing athletics at secondary school and standing at the sandpit on the long jump and waiting my turn and thinking, "You're going to be able to do this, Hannah, like, just trust your body, you're going to be fine." Maybe I was nervous about doing this, in front of everybody, and I'm going to fail at this and what have you, but something in me was saying, "You're going to be absolutely fine. Trust your body". Actually... something else came up today, like, your body is a robe to house your spirit. This is what you wear in this life, this body carries you. You have to look after it, you have to nourish it, you have to trust it. You have to trust that it can look after you and it can be the vehicle that you use in this life. You've come here to... [I don't know where this is going from]... but you've come here to achieve something. It could be healing yourself. If you're listening to this programme, it's more than likely you're not here just to heal yourself, but you're here to heal other people. And you're here to be part of the new healing paradigm, the new way of healing that's going to start off small and it's going to grow into something that will replace traditional ways of healing. And there won't be healers as such.... I used to call myself a grief healer. Not that long ago. But that was a label that somebody else put on me, because I didn't really know what I was. And I think this is quite important... sorry, this podcast - I'm going off on a complete rift here... But I think that might resonate with lots of people who are listening to this: that you know you're here for a reason, and you know you've been through loss for a reason, but you don't quite know what [Hannah laughs] or where you're going. Or how you're going to achieve maybe the vision of what you see yourself doing. That's okay, at this moment, but just know that, yeah, the body that you have here... and this is talking about "The Growing Time" and building the real proper foundations. It's looking after this body that you have, and really trusting this body that you have, and trusting that it will carry you through whatever challenges you're facing.


Hannah Velten  32:04

I've just... there's an owl picture on the other wall opposite me and my eyes have just really latched on to it... Now owls, to me, are all about inner wisdom, inner knowing. And I guess we're going to be talking here about, again, that inner wisdom and that inner knowing. And this leads me on to another subject... well, no, still part of the same story.. but when I found out about Christian, I was actually with a shamanic practitioner. And we were working together. We'd been working together actually for quite a long time actually. But she was being trained and I was like her guinea pig. So this lady stepped in, after the psychic medium, actually. And she and I went on a journey together. So we were equal. So she was leading gently. But I was also learning at the same time. And we worked on each other. And it was a very reciprocal arrangement. And it was a beautiful relationship, beautiful energy exchange. And that's when you know that you're working with the right person, and you're learning and growing and finding your lost pieces. Because again, our skills and our abilities that we have, they might be very buried, you might have caught a glimpse of what you're able to do and been scared by what you can do... That happens a lot. I get a lot of people who come to me and say, you know, I started to see things or I started to experiencing things and it's like frightening, it's unknown, I don't want to open the door on it. But if you have the right support and it comes from a place of pure intent and love and you click with the person and you feel comfortable with a person, that is a fair energy exchange, and that is the feeling that you want when you're working with somebody. So I think the new way of healing will be, like, you will work to heal yourself but you will do it in a supported way with other people. So it'll be more sort of like a community effort, where you're all helping each other, supporting each other. Yeah, I have a... I'm being told to tell you this... this week I've actually initiated - in fact, it's all come together beautifully - but I have initiated the beginnings of a new product, which will be part of this new way of healing. And I guess by the end of this podcast, it will be ready [Hannah laughs], or it will be certainly in production, which is an extremely exciting thought. But yes, so going back to when I found out about Christian, I was ready. And I'd been working with this shamanic practitioner very much in a reciprocal relationship. And then I was confronted with this: what am I actually going to do with the knowledge that, number one, Christian is dead, and that, number two, I'm communicating with him, we are having a reciprocal relationship. And this goes back to the idea.... you've been through a loss, or you've healed or you've been through some sort of transformation, and you know you're here for bigger purpose, you know, like, and the big question then, at that point after we'd sort of told our nearest and dearest, was, 'how are we going to use this?' You know, we haven't been through all of this experience for nothing. And again, you have to trust yourself...


Hannah Velten  37:03

Yeah, I mean, I had to trust in my abilities, and really go on a... I would call it now, like, an 'apprenticeship'. So I started offering my services just starting to do tarot readings and things like that - intuitive tarot readings. And I was opening myself up in very, very small, but very deliberate, steps to the pathway that was opening up in front of me. And I, at that point, was very much trusting of Christian in our relationship and he was kind of encouraging me, and it felt right, you know... We keep talking about, like, trusting your feelings. And it felt right to be taking these little steps. It was frightening, in terms of this is something very new, this is not what people know me for at all. I mean, I was a writer. You know, I live in a small village. My kids go to the local Primary School in the village, you know. I was known, not as what I do now {Hannah laughs}, not in the slightest. And that was a big hurdle to go over, because I had to trust that this was the right path for me. And my body was telling me that I had no choice. I had no choice {Hannah laughs} but to do this path. And once I was doing the readings and getting into the flow of what I was doing, I absolutely loved it. Absolutely loved it. And it was fun. And it felt like really beautiful and I felt at home doing it. And this is trusting the pathway, trusting your body and also trusting that whatever you're being asked to do, you will know how to do it. I mean, when I was doing the trance mediumship with Christian, we were doing it on live Facebooks and Christian was telling me like, you're gonna be fine doing this, you know how to do this. And I was like, I've never done this in my life and I'm now doing it live on Facebook. You can see all the films by the way on our YouTube channel, 'The Finder of Lost Things' - there's a whole 30 film playlist. But it felt really right doing them. It feels right, like, doing these podcasts. Before I came on, I was thinking I don't really know what I'm going to say. But once you get in the flow of it, and I'm trusting myself to be able to do this, it's like... I'm being shown it's like putting on a comfy pair of shoes... it's like, you know how to do this. So if you're being asked to do something and you're thinking, Oh, I don't know, I don't think I want to do it. Just take small, little deliberate steps. And know that it's... this is an old old saying that I always get... Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Like, what you're here for, will become gradually clearer. And you will be shown the steps.


Hannah Velten  40:14

So, there's things that I've done in the last couple of weeks that I've been putting off for a long time and I've finally been pushed and pushed and pushed to actually do them, and it's felt like the right time. So that's another thing, actually, I have a lot of projects on the go and I have had for for many years, actually. The podcast is obviously one of them, but these projects that I've had, I've circled in amongst these projects, for years. So I would do a little bit of work on one project and then it would all kind of finish and then I'd go to the other project and do a little bit more, and then it would finish. So I was rotating between these three or four projects and I was getting really frustrated, because I was thinking why is this product, you know, project really not coming to fruition? Why are people not joining this? Why am I not getting this publishing deal? Why can I not...? And asking those questions, you know, 'why is this not happening?' like you're, again, giving up your control of the situation. So you have to trust yourself, that doing work on lots of different projects is fine; that not really getting to where you want to go, but knowing that, eventually, you will. Just trust yourself, what your body's kind of like telling you to do. Because this week, I can see... like, it's all just suddenly come... all these missing pieces have suddenly come together. And I can see how all the different projects that I've been working on, are all going to come together under one umbrella. And it is all to do with this new way of healing.


Hannah Velten  42:23

And I guess the thing is with trusting yourself, you have to have experience. Like going back to the sandpit where I was thinking about this long jump that I was about to do. I could do the long jump. It wasn't great, but I could do it. And I was pretty good at it. [And actually my son's pretty good at it too. He's doing all sorts of high jump, long jump that I was pretty good at.] But I listened and I was like, yes, I can do this. And then having been able to do it, that is giving me confirmation. And trust is like... I keep saying this as well... trust is like a muscle. You have to keep testing it and pushing it, to build up the strength. Once you have trust in yourself, you then also start to have more trust in other people. That's just the way it is. Yeah, so other people. So going back to that... I was doing, like, tarot readings for people. And I was getting more and more confident and more and more people were coming to me and then I started to get clients who I would start with intuitive tarot readings, but then I would start to get energies come in, and I would be able to manipulate energy and I'd be dealing with past lives. And you know, there was an awful lot more that was coming and I was just able to do it. I was trusting that I was able to do it, and that was being open to people coming in and then trusting that I would be able to deal with whatever came at me, and I would be able to know - so that owl, that inner knowing. You do know these things. You do know how to heal yourself. You do know what you need, you know what you need.


Hannah Velten  44:36

And it's very easy to dismiss this, you know, like the self doubt, listening to other people. And, yeah, I got to a certain stage actually when I was just beginning to do the intuitive readings with people, I was always waiting for feedback. And that, again, was giving my power away. And several times I really went into self doubt and questioning, you know, was I doing this right? Was I giving them the right thing? I was wanting feedback from the person that I was actually saying the right things that they wanted to hear, when actually, the work that I do, often people don't want to hear what is coming in for them. I know they're ready to hear it, but you get resistance - I know when somebody told me that Christian was dead, I was like, I don't want to hear that, thank you very much! So you get a lot of ego reaction. But I trust that whatever I get... now I trust, whatever I get is what the person needs, and will empower them to be able to live their true potential. But at the time, when I was waiting for feedback from clients, it was like, Oh, this is too difficult, I'm just going to retrain as a plumber. I had that all the way through in the early stages, 'I just don't want to do this anymore'. But I couldn't not do it. Like, every time I said, 'I don't want to do it anymore', and it would go quiet and then the phone would ring or an email would come in. And I just had to keep going. I had to keep learning my trade, almost, think about it as that. And as time went on, yeah, the trust in what I could do was confirmed and in a way the results that I was getting with people and people were getting through working with me - so it was a two way thing. Because I always learn... I'm sure anybody who's listening, who's in a healing environment... you always learn from the person that you're working with. There's always an energy exchange, some information exchange. And I was learning a lot as I was growing, as they were growing. And when that works, like, it's such a beautiful thing. And that's what I really want you to... not that we've quite finished yet... but what I really want to leave you with, I guess, is this idea that when you trust yourself and you are doing the work that...  not necessarily doing the work, but you're doing what you find fun and enjoyable and there's beauty in it - there has to be beauty in it - it feels so easy. And it feels so easy to trust yourself, like this inner knowing, tapping into that. And you then also attract people to you. You can't help but be attracted to somebody who is showing you a way out of pain, a way out of a cage, you know. Solutions, you need solutions, but you also need to feel the vibes with somebody, to have the good vibes and know that you will work together in a good way. And working with Spirit gives me that vibe, as well as all my clients. Like we do click and I always check before with potential clients that we will click together. Always. I'll always do like half an hour call with somebody to ascertain that we are going to click together. Because why would you work with somebody who you're not going to bounce off and have fun and empowerment and inspire each other and learn and grow from each other? [My family's upstairs, crushing around; we've got a new puppy and you can probably hear them stomping on the ceiling].


Hannah Velten  49:45

But yeah, it's so important to have a life where you are listening to your body, listening to your feelings... you know your body never lies. Your body never lies. I knew that my body was {I'm showing my clenched fist}... I knew that my heart was like in an iron cage, and stagnant and I could feel it. The worst thing was actually when I used to go into Brighton, where Christian used to live, and there would be lots of homeless kids on the street and I would burst into tears every time I saw somebody that was sort of Christian's age, didn't matter if it was male or female... but I can still feel it now... I would just burst into tears. And I would go up to homeless people a lot and talk to them. And, like, be willing them to make contact with somebody, because a lot of these kids are missing. Anyway, I knew in my heart what I wanted to do - I so wanted to help people who were lost and who I felt were like Christian, at that point, who were missing, who had a family who loved them, and wanted to know where they were but obviously, for whatever circumstances had happened.... I wanted to get through... I just knew empowering people and helping people and giving people the chance to turn their lives around with some support and some signposts. I just knew that was the purpose. And those feelings that I had really were my guide, without even knowing it, actually. Because at that point, I didn't know that I was going to be working with people who were metaphorically lost [as I was at that time]. But it was always there. So that inner knowing and that… like, we all know what we're here for.


Hannah Velten  52:47

But we need to have silence and openness to be able to find that. To really listen. Yeah, listen to your gut feeling. Listen to your heart. And watch out for your dreams and any sort of visions that you have. Because they are clues, they are clues. And your higher self, your soul self, is willing you - absolutely willing you - to go on the pathway. And you're going to have people who - like friends and family - who will try and dissuade you from going on the pathway that you're going. But you just have [Hannah laughs] to keep going. Because if this is what you're here for, and what you really have to trust in, you can't and won't be able to back away from it, because it will keep coming at you and it will keep coming at you. And you'll keep getting little signposts. And honestly, it's like taking those little steps. And trusting your abilities, trusting that at the crunch moment, when you're standing on the top of a cliff... which I've been shown a lot recently... when you're at the top of a cliff, you just have to jump and know that your wings are gonna suddenly work or unfold. Yeah. I was gonna say it's as simple as that. I mean, it takes a lot of courage. But I know if you've been listening to this podcast, I know you're here for a reason. And I know that you're perfectly capable of whatever you're being asked to do. And you just have to trust. And you might need a bit of confirmation at first, like I did - so I had the psychic medium, plus I went to see a spiritual artist who drew pictures of Christian, and my spirit guides. And you know, I've been supported all the way along by certain people, certain groups, as well, and it's really just opening yourself out to finding those people that you resonate with, that you click with. And trusting yourself that you know they're the right people for you. And also then trusting when the time is right to move on. I think that's about all I need to say [Hannah laughs]. So I hope you got something from that, about trusting yourself.


Hannah Velten  55:52

Next week, I do have a guest. She's a lady called Karen Anderson, and she's a pet loss specialist. But also, interestingly, she denied her gifts for a very long time, until she finally went into doing the work and openly standing and doing the work that she does now. So I'm looking forward to meeting Karen next week. If you have any questions for me do come along to finderoflostthingspodcast.com And there's a facility there where you can ask questions - might be interesting to see what's coming up for people. And if you want to get in touch with me, that's where you would do it, too. Okay, lots of love. Thank you very much for listening, and have a lovely week, and I'll see you next week. Bye.


Hannah Velten  56:51

[Recorded outro] Thank you for listening to 'The Finder of Lost Things'. I think we've been triggered so long and so hard by COVID and it's gonna carry on. People are getting used to stillness and they're getting used to more solitude. But how do you use that time for the highest good, this process that we're going to explore will bring back the joy and purpose to life. That wholeness you know, that sort of harmony and flow and togetherness. People are really ready to find their last parts now. You can find me at www.hannahvelten.online