May 24, 2021

Episode #18 - Know Yourself: The Key to Self-Healing

"Know Yourself" was the first piece of guidance that Hannah received on her healing journey. She had no idea what that meant, but it lead her to discover what she was really thinking, her authentic self and the pathway that felt 'right' to her. With this knowledge, Hannah was able to face and find a way to heal and transform her stagnant grief, help Christian to come to terms with what had happened to him and also discover a purpose larger than their sibling relationship. How do you 'know yourself'? Will you ever know yourself, truly? And if you do, what is your calling and how do you answer that? It's time to begin the adventure...


Hannah Velten  00:10

Hello, everybody, welcome. Come on in, as usual, comes around in a circle. It's just me this week, and Oh, goodness, what a week I have had. We were talking last week about receiving, being open to receiving and accepting whatever you're being given and receiving it and actually putting it into good use. So I thought I would share with you what I've been receiving this week, and see what resonates with you. I'm going to tell you some stories about Christian and I, about our very early healing. I'm going to tell you about love, I'm going to tell you about forgiveness, we're going to talk about knowing yourself. And, yeah, like purpose and why we're here. And several things have happened this week: I've been joining a new course, I've done an activation this week and I've received some new books in the post, so I want to share those all with you as well, because they are all linking together. And I'm hoping you're hearing me fine, I've got a fuzzy sound coming through my mic, and I'm lagging on the film that we're making at the same time, which has never happened before. And it might all be explained by what's happened to me this week. So there's lots of energy and new frequencies that have come in this week.


Hannah Velten  01:44

Okay, so I don't know really where to start... we've talked about before, where I was when the search for Christian didn't work on social media, and talked about the sort of state that I was in. And the fact that I was asking for help. And that's when I sort of started to receive help. I was in a state of, like, I so wanted to find Christian, my energy was all over the place. I was searching. I was like a scattergun approach almost, when your energy is just not focused. And I was sort of throwing this energy around and it wasn't pretty, it wasn't pretty. You might know people in your life, who you're affected by their energy being scattered, and they're never really aware of the effect that they have on people around them. I work with lots of clients who have difficult relationships within their families, and there is always an element of somebody not really being aware of how their energy and their actions and their behaviours... I was gonna say, 'inflict' on others, what they impart on others, and, in that case, you have to really just accept; if you can't change them and you can't do anything about the situation sort of physically, it's almost a case that you just have to understand and acknowledge that, you know, you just have to keep yourself safe or not get dragged into other people's drama. But I was in that state... people were getting dragged into my drama. And I wasn't fully aware of the effect I was having on other people by going off to search for Christian again; it was very much something I was doing for myself. And, you know, anybody who tried to stop me or get in the way, I was like, 'No, this is what I have to do.' And yeah, I mean it affected a lot of people and not in a good way. And it wasn't affecting me in a good way either. So that kind of has to be said first of all. So when I recognised that I had to stop. I had to stop the world, essentially; had to stop the world. I recognised what I was doing and what the situation was doing to me. And I had to choose a different way. I had to... um... I had to be responsible for my behaviour and responsible for my reality.


Hannah Velten  05:04

And to do that meant doing some... actually, at the time, it was Emotional Freedom Technique, which is like tapping. I don't know... I'm sure a lot of listeners will have heard of this. I did four sessions of that, and I did it with this medium that I was working with at the time. At that time, the medium that I was working with was a complete rock for me, especially with this early part of my... yeah, just finding out what was really buried underneath all my emotions, and behaviours. So really what my thoughts were. And this is all part of the 'knowing yourself,' we'll go into a bit more detail about it, but first... I think I'm being shown this to tell you, because it was the first time that I realised, really, what was my underlying emotions. So I was trying to find my brother. For me, it felt like the love, you know, I was doing this out of love, and that it was going to be reciprocated and we would come back together. But what is usually... always the case, actually... is when you're searching, you're striving, when things aren't working, when you're always fighting to get things done, you're getting hurt, and other people are getting hurt at the same time - can you achieve your goals in a different way without all the drama? And, for me, and for my part of the story, it was really about stopping the world, and really understanding what was going on in my thoughts. As I said, I did these sessions and... I don't know if I'm going to... maybe I should be saying this too... so if you're wanting to know what your thoughts are behind something, you're always going to find the answers inside, you don't need to look for external reasons, they're all going to be inside of you.


Hannah Velten  08:00

And for me, what was stopping Christian (at that point) from coming towards me and actually us realising that he was actually dead, was my belief - it was a limiting belief - and it was the belief that Christian wasn't going to come home. And that really surprised me. It shocked me and I was incredibly angry that I had this limiting belief that he wouldn't come home. So this limiting belief was linked to events that happened in our childhood, which I've already talked about. When I was eight years old Christian was taken away - or what I felt was Christian being taken away - from me to go to a different school. So we'd had such a close bond and my whole world sort of turned upside down when he was taken away to school. I had incredible anger that I didn't realise towards him, for leaving me, [Hannah laughs] which... he was only, you know, seven years old when he went to a different school but, for me, I was incredibly angry with him for even doing that. And it was from a child's point of view, you know, I was left on my own. And I was distraught. I was literally just distraught and actually looking back at it, I started to develop like facial tics and swallowing a lot. And, you know, nobody around me realised at the time what that was and I didn't realise either but it was, I guess, my body's way of dealing with this trauma that I was going through. So I was angry towards Christian and I was also incredibly angry with our parents for taking him away. So yeah, there was a lot of anger that was buried and I think, you know, you're gonna listen to this and it's gonna resonate with you, or not... for the whole of this episode actually - take what you need from it.


Hannah Velten  10:20

So a lot of the first work that I had to do was to forgive: to forgive Christian, to forgive my parents, to forgive me as a child for having these thoughts, because the effect of all of this was that I withheld my love towards Christian because... well, towards everybody towards a degree... because I never wanted to get that hurt again. Yeah... there was definitely a defence that was put up. And then again, at age 13, Christian then went full boarding. So he literally... I remember it to the day and him being in the car, with all his stuff; we've actually just gone through loads of his stuff and I found... his big massive trunk that he had all his stuff in. And I remember him just being driven away, and just being heartbroken... ugh, it makes me cry now [Hannah tears up]. But he'd gone in the car, away to full board. And, again, there was another layer of, you know, this is getting even worse, he's now gone to a different school, and he's full boarding, and that anger was never resolved. But through the early healing that I did, again, I realised, you know, I had to release that trauma and those feelings and thoughts that were inside of me, which had been trapped in me. But also I had to understand from Christian's point of view, because he was showing me in the early stages that he was, in this car, he was being taken away, it was not something that he wanted to do, he was sort of trapped in the same... you know, we were both experiencing the same thing. And I, as a child, didn't take on board his feelings. So I think what I need to say is, and what you probably need to take away from this, is that when there's drama, and there's chaos, and you can't seem to heal or get the results that you want, you just need to look at a deeper level because there's all sorts of, yeah, thoughts that are stuck and they're stagnant, and they sit in your body.


Hannah Velten  13:08

So I had to do, yeah, a lot of forgiveness around these things that happen in our early childhood, because they reflected on what was happening to me at that time when I was trying to search for Christian. So we got rid of this limiting belief that he would never return and the love was able... I mean I've got this (you won't be able to see it if you're obviously listening to the podcast), but this is my journal... it's a fat old journal where I [recorded] the early stages of my healing when I was going through this work with Christian and we actually got to.... I'll just describe what actually happened to me during these sessions... so, yes, the final part was myself, at 13 years old, giving forgiveness to Christian for leaving me alone (as I thought) and like forgiveness for me for not wanting to confront the pain that I felt back then - I didn't know how to confront it; I didn't know what to do with it. And it was all down to me, really, forgiving Christian for everything: for going to that school (which was not his fault), for going to Africa and you know, I'd really withheld a lot of my love to him during that time because I just did not want to be hurt and it was a recurrent thing. And even as an adult, there was an element of withholding part of my love for Christian, because it was just too painful. But I realised I had to be brave, and I had to be strong and I had to give this love; I had to forgive and I had to give this love out through... we were talking about that the other week... giving love out through the front of my heart. And to do this required forgiveness. And eventually, Christian and I (in the visions that I was having) we actually walked through a door together, which was labelled 'Forgiveness For Everything'. And Christian and I walked through it, him as a 13 year old, me as a 13 year old, and on the other side of this door was the adult Christian. And he was in his... I've just said, He's in his beige, woolly jumper with, you know, his curly hair tied up (he was always buying clothes from a charity shop, before it was a cool thing to do) and he held my hand while we stood in front of one another and we just smiled at each other and said that we loved each other. And then, you know, he forgave me, I forgave him. And it was like... I've written here, it's like a true love, like, totally unconditional love that we had between us at that point, and we kissed each other on the cheek, and we actually walked off along this pathway, his arm over my shoulder and mine around his waist. And after I'd come out of that sort of vision, I felt complete relief that I had reconnected with Christian because while I was doing the sort of social media search for him, the focus had been on almost like an abstract Chris. Like I knew he was my brother, but when you see the pictures of him - his missing posters - it was almost like he wasn't real. Whereas doing this forgiveness and allowing the love to flow freely between us, he became real again. I could feel him. I could really, yeah... we totally reconnected to each other as we had done as children. And that was absolutely transformational. So transformational. After that time, I was then very sure that we would find each other again. And then I talked last week about doing a ritual where I actually handed over the finding of Christian to a higher power. But if we hadn't done the love and the forgiveness, at that point, asking and handing over that power, we would have had to have done the love and forgiveness at some point. But we did it then, before handing over the finding of him.


Hannah Velten  18:15

So in between those sessions and then actually finding Christian, the guidance that I got from Spirit was just a few words: "Get to know yourself". And I was like, well, what am I supposed to do with that? I'm now free of searching for Christian, I now have to get to know myself. I'd obviously done a part of that with the sessions that I'd done, in terms of really understanding what was going on in my head and what my beliefs were, but there was so much more to it... so when someone tells you to like go and 'know yourself' that's something that goes back, well, if you look on the internet about 'Know Thyself', that goes back to Greek... Socrates, who was saying that as advice "Know Thyself' and it's on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi. And I didn't know what to do about that. I mean, how do you 'know yourself'? You know yourself as your labels: you're a mum, you're a wife, you're a sister, you're a daughter. You play a role in life, you have a job, or you're part of the community, you have a role in your community. There's a lot more that you need to find and you need to uncover a lot.


Hannah Velten  20:00

So, essentially, we are all love. We're all light. Initially, when we're born into the world, we're on a high vibration. But as life goes on, and as we are in our childhood, as events happen, as the cultural norms - you learn the culture, you learn how society works, you get your edges knocked off... you know, school and your parents, church maybe, wherever you are - a community - you fit into a role that everybody recognises. So you work in a civilised society, where things are ordered, where anybody who's a bit different or who does different things (it's not so bad now, we are encouraged more to be... children are definitely encouraged more to be themselves - certainly our local school is anyway). But at the time, we all fit into certain roles and models, and everything sort of gets clouded and 'gunky' [Hannah laughs] - is the technical term for it. And it's the same with Christian and I, that pure love was gunked up over the years. So essentially knowing yourself is actually, from my point of view, it has been uncovering all the layers of gunk that I had accumulated myself. And so that goes into what your true feelings are about things. We talked about this, you know, you might be... if you're in a state of grief at the moment... there are lots of emotions attached to that, but anger is definitely in there. Sadness, isolation, feeling of abandonment. You know, I wrote something with Spirit (I don't think it was with Christian), but essentially all of fear and grief, and at the root of it is abandonment. So with Christian, obviously, that was the root of my worldview, totally changing - that feeling of being abandoned... we all do at some point in our childhood, we all feel abandoned: whether we get lost in a supermarket, I don't know, whether it's our parents who we feel abandoned by in certain ways, you know, friends who send you to coventry, don't talk to you because of something you've done. You know, we all feel that abandonment. We all know what that feels like. And we do everything in our power to not feel that. Yeah, so there's lots of true feelings that we maybe don't want to recognise, or we just don't know they're there because they're at a subconscious level.


Hannah Velten  23:08

And we take on so much of things that we aren't actually. So maybe, for example, as a child you were told that... I don't know... you'll never amount to anything, or you're not clever, or you're not talented, you can't sing, you can't do whatever. And you actually take on these things, when actually you can sing and when actually, if you're put in the right position, you can excel at whatever it is you choose to excel at. So it's almost like removing the layers of things that you aren't. And another way about knowing yourself is... there's a lovely book, actually... I was actually in Oxfam and I was looking for (I can't actually remember what I was looking for) but this book called "Women Who Run With Wolves: Contacting The Power Of The Wild Woman", by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and she talks about 'The howl: the resurrection of the wild woman', and she tells about the wolf woman 'La Loba', which is all about, like, really finding the bones of you. And she actually says, "Go gather the bones." Like really strip away everything that isn't yours: everything that you've been culturally given, socially given, by family, friends, everything, like strip it all off, when you're lost, and really go back to the bare bones of you. Really, what are you? And when you start to ask that question and you sit in quietness, and you use your intuition and there's a lot to do with singing, I'm getting, like really expressing yourself; how you want to express yourself. You will start to find the bare bones; it will be like, what did you love doing as a child? What did you like playing? Being wild again... like being in nature, all that kind of wild stuff. Go and do that and really find out yourself again. I know there's lots of rewilding retreats that are starting up again, now I guess. But actually, I did a session, it was really interesting. I spent a day course being an animal. So we were in the woods and we were listening, and acting almost pretending we were being animals, and what we would be... using our instincts, essentially. And that was a really, really interesting exercise and it opened my eyes to so many different ways where I had not been myself. So that was really interesting.


Hannah Velten  26:18

We've talked before about finding your powers and your gifts. And, again... I'm actually being pointed to tell you about this... another book that actually came through the post today. And I've talked about Rebecca Campbell before and this is her new book "Letters To A Starseed". And it says it's "Messages and Activations for Remembering Who You Are and Why You Came Here." And I got it in the post today. And I just opened it at one page, because that's what I do... usually, if I need a bit of inspiration... and actually, Rebecca's books are brilliant, because they're done in short chapters, almost by a page. So you just open the book where you need some inspiration. And I do that all the time with books; I'll look along a bookshelf and a book will be, like, flashing at me [Hannah laughs] and I'll just open the book randomly, and there'll be a message there for me. Anyway, I opened this book, and it fell open onto the pages where Rebecca is talking about Starseed roles. Um, star seeds - this is all part of what's been coming in for me this week, so I won't talk about it too much here - but she's talking about all the different ways that... we come to this life with a purpose in mind, and some of the roles that we play. So I'll just read through these: there's 'Activator', where you ignite change in the world. There's 'Alchemist', where you turn anything that stuck, stagnant and heavy into gold. As the 'Artist', you're dreaming a new world into being through your creations. There's the 'Birther', where you're here to usher in new worlds and ways of doing things. There's the 'Challenger'. The 'Challenger' sees differently, and they're here to dismantle systems and open people's minds. There's a 'Grid Worker', where you're called to particular parts of the planet to be a guardian for the crystalline grid of the earth. There's 'Healers'. 'Healers' see the wholeness in people, things and situations, and you hold that vision of wholeness so that others are able to see that too. And there's a 'Midwife', so you're part of a support team; you're here to help other starseeds to create lasting change in the world. And there's 'Space Holder' where you're here to be a holding force in the world; your presence alone changes things energetically. And there's the 'Visionary': big picture thinkers, you know, visionaries who can see patterns and the shifts needed to usher in a new world... So you might think you're here as an artist just doing your own work, whatever calls to you, but actually, it might well be that when you know yourself and you really dig into knowledge and you ask the questions, you actually find that you're here to do something very specific as an artist, as a creator, and you actually have come here to, yeah, either change the world or to help other people change the world or to create your own creations. You know, there's there's a reason why you've come here. So that was powers or gifts.


Hannah Velten  29:48

You'll also see how you've been shaped by the collective. So like COVID is a really good example of that; of how, you know, you might be living in a sort of fearful energy at the moment, because of what's going on in the news, what's being fed to you... that sort of fearful hum that's going on around the.... in fact it's not a hum, because I see a hum as love, but you know, there's this crackling interference, this fear that's not a nice sound or frequency that's around - you're picking up on that. And yeah, so there's all these things to know about yourself, on so many different levels, and to open your mind to really who you are, and what it is you're here to do. And actually, something interesting came into my mind - I don't know if anyone's read a book called 'Power Versus Force' by David R Hawkins (and this is actually talking about the collective) but he talks about a 'Map of Consciousness' and how your frequency, how your energy, from what you're giving out, how that impacts your reality [this is actually from his book, The Map of Consciousness Explained] And he sort of talks about shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, and pride, being sort of low frequencies. So they're sort of heavy, which will then also attract those kind of energies towards you. Whereas if you step through into courage, where you make a decision to change your reality (is essentially what it is), you make a choice to decide what life you are going to have, and what experience you're going to have in life. And so the courage is the big thing where you take the leap; that's the pivotal point of change, is the courage. And when you've got the courage, you then move into this sort of neutrality, and as you're going up, you go to willingness, you go to acceptance, you go to reason, you go to love, you go to joy, and then anything (very high vibration) is a sort of enlightenment. And that is when life like totally kicks in. And I've been working my way up through all of these sort of, yeah, working my way through this 'Map of Consciousness' and a lot of that has been about removing stuff that isn't mine and also working through healing and getting to that point where the hum of pure love...


Hannah Velten  32:58

and I actually had an experience this week, I was walking with my family - we've got this new puppy - and we were walking around the field where there are dairy cows right next to the fence... and as we were walking up to them, you could start to hear, literally, you could hear a hum and they were quite tightly packed together in, because they're in strip grazing so they're kind of restricted into how much of the field they have, and I thought oh that's just me hearing that hum. But actually, my husband [Hannah laughs], who's not spiritual at all, and my children all went, 'Oh my god, I can hear that hum.' [And it wasn't the electric fence, in case you're wondering!] Now, all of these dairy cows, they're all female, obviously being dairy cows, but I've worked on dairy farms for many years and, you know, agriculture was my background, and all of that herd is going to be mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, nieces and granddaughters - I think I've covered everything - but I came away from it with the thought: that is a hum of love. You could hear this humming. They were all in union. They were all close together... you could obviously see they had their favourites, they were in sort of clumps of favourites, family groups as well probably, but there was this hum. And so much about what I've received this week has been about this unconditional love. And I have felt it coming into my back so much this week.


Hannah Velten  34:56

And I did an activation this week - actually with Natasha Harris who was on... I'm thinking... Episode #11... she was talking about the Akashic Records and past lives and things like that. And I did a activation with her this week. And what came through for me from that was actually a return to that state of unconditional love that I had with Christian once we had worked through all the limiting beliefs and the forgiveness and the understanding. And that unconditional love - that hum - between people, and it's unseen. You know, as Hawkins says, you know that love, it just vibrates. And the energy attracts in. And that is essentially how Christian and I came together again - with him in Spirit, me in the physical - but it was because of unconditional love. If we hadn't got our unconditional love sorted, we could have been, well, we would have never found each other again. And this came through this week, like, I had obviously... I've spent three years now, since finding Christian, and I've accumulated some judgement and actually our relationship has totally evolved over those three years. But there was some gunk that has come up and I actually saw it as a black ball of loose threads and little bits of fluff put together into like a shiny black ball, and I just handed it over. I released this little bit of fluff that's been accumulating for a few years between Christian and I. And that allowed for the love to be clear again, and, yeah, it came rushing into my back, into my heart space, in return for releasing that little bit of gunk. And then I literally got this amplified love. It was almost like somebody had put a new heart in. Or like... we have a basement pump to pump water out of our basement; I mean it's furnished, but if there's any excess water, it gets pumped out and we put an extra pump on, like a standby pump, and it's almost like that... I was given a standby heart, or an amplification heart this week. And it has taken Christian and I, our sort of connection and our love to a new level. That's essentially what's happened this week. It's been quite incredible. And I'm just almost getting used to it. But I've also received deeper psychic skills and allowed my intuition to develop and certain things have happened this week, which I am quite shocked with, that I've been able to intuit. So there's been a sort of extra layer, things are coming in, and they're going to be used for what's happening next. [Hannah laughs]


Hannah Velten  38:42

And I've always talked about, you know, the lost belongings that are coming back to Christian. You know, it's been 18 years but these objects of his, his cameras, you know, we're gonna get pictures, essentially, Christian's belongings back. I've always said I don't know when it's gonna happen or how it's gonna happen, but, like, it's gonna happen very soon. And there's going to be a lot of disbelief around it. Like how could these items have come back to us, or back to me? But all I can say is that they come back to us and... I really do feel they've already come back. I really feel that I've... I can see it like a gift and I can see it's tied, with a ribbon. It's like it's completed, it's finished. And that, to me, is like a completion of our story. So Chrisitian and I are like... the full completion of our story has happened. And now we are like onto the next adventure. And I've also been shown like a birthing energy that's around at the moment and I'm sure people... you know, if you've been through childbirth, you know, at some point, or if like running a marathon, that's the same thing, at some point you hit a brick wall and you go, 'I can't do this'. I cannot physically give birth to this baby, or run another step - this it just not going to happen. But something happens. And that's kind of like the birthing energy. It takes over, it's like primal, it just kind of rushes in and takes you over: gets you to birth the child or to end up finishing the marathon. Like, that's what it feels like, at the moment, it feels like the last push for me and for Christian to be getting that last puzzle piece. [Hannah laughs] And I can't wait till this is done, because that's when our new adventure, like really begins. And I can see it. I've been shown so many things this week, where we are so close to this happening; like being told to create space.


Hannah Velten  41:19

So, listen, if you've got something that you've been working on for so long, that you are trying to get off the ground, or you're trying to birth, like I feel it's a really good time for this to happen. But part of it is... we talked last week about receiving the love and this is all about really up-levelling, and upgrading the purity of the love: it really needs to be humming! {Hannah laughs}. But, like, start creating space; get rid of anything that doesn't serve you, you've got clutter around you, you've got things that need doing... it's almost like we've now got to the point where it's the little things that need to happen, just the final little things that need tweaks... And then BANG, we're going to get this big expansion. Yeah.


Hannah Velten  42:27

And a lot of it actually is like learning to be happy with what you have now. Like, almost being... expansion happens, I'm being shown, it's like when like, oh, life is really good now, I'm really happy with this, I'm really happy with that, I've got everything kind of... that's often when things can change. And it might be that they change... if we're talking about expansion we're talking about, like, something being detonated in your life. And I mean, you know, I'm not expecting an easy ride on this next bit of the adventure at all. But I feel I'm equipped with everything I need now. And I'm actually starting this course this week - it's going to be a 12 week course where I'm actually making myself more visible. And I'm really working on NOW. Obviously, Christian and I have been working on this for many years, between us, but this is when what we've both managed to achieve in self healing and transformation, but what the power of love can do, like what the power of unconditional love can do between two people, two energies. And that is going to impact on a much bigger scale. So our personal story becomes something that other people can take what they want from. So instead of me being there... this is just clicking.... instead of me being out there, in the public eye, searching for my brother, pleading, you know, desperate to find him, scattering my energy, following all the red herrings, being emotionally 'blurgh', you know, now it's going to be - when I go back into the public eye on a bigger scale - I am going to be very focused. My energy is going to be one of unconditional love, of joy, of completion - you know, I've got Christian there with me. We have that completely unconditional love between us which I do feel is... it could get higher, because there's always expansion and growth going on all the time (that's what we're here for), but it does feel... it's at the level now where it's going to be able to reach so much more and the purpose of ALL of this.


Hannah Velten  45:14

And Rebecca's book, the Starseeds... I kind of need to quickly explain starseeds. Maybe if you don't feel you naturally belong on this earth, that you feel like this isn't really your home, that you're always a bit different from your family, you're always a bit different from what everybody's expecting you to be, it's quite likely that you are what is termed a 'starseed', and you've actually come here to Earth for a purpose. And a lot of that will be your personal healing and your personal journey that then moves out into your bigger purpose - to help raise consciousness all over the planet. And if I've lost you there, I do apologise. But that's what Christian and I and our journey has all been about. And it's actually a relief to understand that and to use the energy of that. So do I have to say anything else? Oh, yeah, there was one thing. So this book is lovely. It's called 'The Afterlife of Billy Fingers'. It's actually written by a lady called Annie Kagan. And it's a book that I got very early on and... so Annie's brother died and this is her talking about how he proved to her that there's life after death. And I must reread this, it's a really short book, and I can't really remember very much of it. But I, again, was going through books and this jumped out this week, and I opened a page which was actually about Annie talking to her mum. And her mum never really believed her that she was communicating with her son, you know, with the dead brother. And these two pages are essentially saying that Billy made something happen that proves to his mum that the siblings were talking to each other. So I'm just going to take that as more evidence that something big is gonna happen... imminently... between Christian and I to... I don't want to say 'prove', because I think people are going to take what they want out of our story, but it would be really nice that I've been banging on for years about talking to Christian [Hannah laughs], and our relationship, but oh, my goodness, it would be so wonderful, so wonderful to, like, receive his photographs, and put a completion on our story. And to then be able to share the story with everybody.


Hannah Velten  48:38

I had this vision this week about 'weary travellers'. There are so many people who are 'weary travellers' in life at the moment; they're carrying far too much of the collective fear. They're not vibrating and their energy is so low. They'll look at Christian and I and our story and dismiss it or, you know, I'm expecting a mixed response, obviously. [Hannah laughs] But that's why we're doing this almost... it's got to the point where I don't care anymore what people think of me. Christian never cared anyway... But actually, through the process, he has cared about what people think (once his truths started to come out), but we have both got to a point now where we know why we're doing this, and we have a bigger purpose. So essentially, we're finding the 'weary travellers' who were just tired of this life, or are overcome, or lost in this life, and we want to tell a story that empowers and give some illumination, and asks people to go on a daring adventure. Just remember, there's only courage that's needed to go from being lost into being found, like to really know who you are, and uncover all that love and light and really be a beacon for other people as well.


Hannah Velten  50:21

So yeah, I think that is all I need to say. Let me just see. Next week we do actually have a guest who's coming on; we've actually pre recorded it. So we recorded it a few days ago. And it's quite an extraordinary tale and how I met the guest and the story that they have to talk about. They actually - I've got a bit of time here now, so I'm going to talk about it - because they have a similar story to Christian and I. And there was mention of the term 'twin flame' to denote the connection that they have. The concept of a 'twin flame' is like you're joined together, and when they go missing, or you're apart or you're not with them, you don't feel whole; you're just not yourself, you're not your whole self, when they're not around. And I, because that happened this week, I was like, 'oh, twin flame that sounds interesting'. And I actually looked back in my books, to another one of Rebecca's books called 'Light is the New Black' and when I was doing the love and forgiveness work with Christian - and I say, we did that over four sessions, but through the next two years, we were working on different layers of understanding, and it got deeper and deeper and deeper, so that was just our sort of preliminary months of work, but, as you know, with healing you go deeper and deeper, with layers and layers. But anyway, while I was doing that work, I randomly looked through this book, and I came to a page that says "She left the old story behind her and stepped into a new once upon a time", and... so actually Rebecca is talking about soulmates, but it's the same thing. "So soulmates are the people who spur on your growth like no other. Souls who agree prior to this life to play a vital role in our expansion. When meeting a soulmate, you may experience a sense of remembering or familiarity. Soulmate relationships are not necessarily all sunshine and roses. In fact, more often than not, they can be extremely difficult as sometimes, in order for us to grow, we need to experience pain." So, you know, if there's somebody in your life, that you've lost, whether temporarily or you feel permanently (ie. they've passed over onto the other side), please know that it's all happening for your growth, and for your expansion, and it's something that you've agreed with them before you came into this life. I truly believe that. I mean it might be that that's a difficult thing to hear for some people, but having been through this process for years, I totally, totally believe that. And, you know, Christian and I, we've done this dance all the way through our lives and, you know, we would definitely have been through this to help each other, grow and expand. And, in turn, we're telling our story to help the audience, whoever wants to listen, whoever feels they're ready to listen. And it might be you're not ready to listen and you react against what we have to say so much, but also know that if you're reacting really badly, it's a lesson that you actually really need to need to hear, unfortunately.


Hannah Velten  54:33

But anyway, look, enjoy next week's pre-recorded session with Kerrie and Michael, and I will see you the week after that. So yeah, the episode will be out just as normal; it's just I have a week off. Yay. Okay, lots of love. And I'll see you soon. Okay, bye bye.


Hannah Velten  54:53

[outro] Thank you for listening to 'The Finder of Lost Things'. I think we've been triggered so long and so hard by COVID and it's going to carry on. People are getting used to stillness and they're getting used to more solitude, but how do you use that time for the highest good? This process that we're going to explore will bring back the joy and purpose to life. That wholeness: you know that sort of harmony and flow and togetherness. People are really ready to find their lost parts now. You can find me at