June 7, 2021

Episode #20 - Miraculous Healing: Trust, Vision & Love

Hannah's being asked to share how she and Christian connected in Spirit, making their healing possible when physical circumstances seemed to show that Christian would be forever a 'missing person'. Hannah discusses the practices she used and the energies who appeared to help her find her way. Hannah will also try to define the bond she and Christian share and the importance of parallel healing between the physical and non-physical realms.


Hannah Velten  00:13

Welcome to The Finder of Lost Things, exploring your superpowers of trust, healing and transformation with me, Hannah Velten. My brother Christian disappeared in Mali, Africa in 2003. He disappeared without a trace. We lost his story. We didn't have closure, we lost so much. I was fighting and searching to find Christian when actually, I just needed to sit in stillness and attract him in. I was so resistant to doing this, but I had to surrender. It's a process of trusting and finding the last pieces and integrating them. And this podcast will uncover the process that Christian and I went on to find the lost things - him - and to find the parts of me that were missing... [theme song 'Great White Shark'}


Hannah Velten  01:29

Hello, everybody. Hi, welcome. Come on in as always. Hope everybody's had a good week. I've had a interesting week. I'm going to bring Christian straight up actually, because he's going to be with me for this episode and I feel from now on. So after this show, we've only got six episodes left. Time has gone so quickly. But he's definitely moved in alongside me in meditations this week.


Hannah Velten  02:04

So a couple of days ago... actually the last episode, with Kerri, we were talking about twin souls and [Hannah clears her throat] I had a sort of remembering come through, but I couldn't quite speak about it. So I want to bring that thread through into this session about how Christian and I are connected, how we became connected and I'm gonna (this is such a personal episode [Hannah laughs]). I didn't think I was ever going to be talking about this, but it seems I have to. This is part and parcel of what we have to spread - the messages we have to spread really. So yeah. So Christian came through to me this week: he showed me... so we've talked before about Akashic Records, so our soul records - so everything that our souls have ever thought, actioned, you know, past lives all the way back. So they contain our sort of history, our soul history. So I was standing in front of my door (we have it as a door) and Christian suddenly appeared to my left, which is where he always sits, and he opened his door at the same time. So we were both standing in front of our records. And this energy was coming out towards us both. We then turned with our backs to our doors, so that energy was coming in through our back, so we were receiving all our knowledge, wisdom, everything we've been through. And he just held my hand. So both our souls were combined, with our hand holding, and it was almost like our two souls on now going to tell the story, the true story of how we connected. 


Hannah Velten  04:06

And I don't know if you can see on my hand, I've got this patch here that's appeared. It's been there for quite a while actually - if you're not watching on video, it's a really dried, red, part of my hand, kind of like in the shape of a heart, I guess, in the top, middle of my palm and it crosses the three fingers at the top and you can feel heat in it. And this kind of shows to me that this is... our hands are connections of our hearts. So our heart comes out through our hands, essentially. And Christian and I kind of like holding hands and he's on my left side. When we did our live films together, he would always come into my left side as well, he would appear. So this is the first time in a long, long time since actually doing the films in January 2019. It's first time he's appeared next to me, like, I can really feel him next to me. So he's energetically come back down to be with me for now. So what we have to share this evening is like a combination of both of our soul stories. And it shows you how connected we have been through so many lives. And if anybody is listening to this, and they're either in grief, or they're separated from somebody who they feel totally connected to, like we had Kerri last week, you'll find something in this show for you, I'm sure.


Hannah Velten  05:44

To start off this evening, I really have to tell you... so when Christian was lost, and I couldn't find him, I'd done all my trials on social media and everything, I went into stillness, because I had to. I handed everything over to God, or the Divine/Universe and was like, you've got to find him because I can't do any more. And I went into stillness. It was the only option open to me, because nothing had worked in the physical, in the external world. And this week, in fact, the last couple of days, I've been reminded of this fairy tale called 'The Red Shoes'. The version I'm going to quickly tell you now sort of shows why I'd gotten myself into such a state. 


Hannah Velten  06:34

So this young girl, she's motherless, she's young, she lives in the forest, she fashions herself a pair of shoes. They're not great, but she relies on her instincts and creates for herself a pair of shoes, which will take her through life. On her way through the forest, she sees a carriage which stops and there's an old lady in there who says, 'Look, come and live with me, I'll look after you. I'll give you all the red shoes that you can possibly have." And she's like, 'oh, okay, I'll go with you.' And in doing that, as she grows up, she then has to conform to the old lady's wishes. She has to go to church, she has to stop dancing everywhere, she has all her freedom curtailed. And she wishes for these red shoes that she originally had. And the story goes on that she tries to, you know, she's told actually, she can't wear these red shoes because they're too bright. She can't wear them in church, because, you know, they're blasphemous, I guess in some way. And she still wears them because the the old lady is going blind and can't really tell what colour shoes she's got on. So she wears these red shoes. And there's a soldier at the door - an injured soldier at the door - and he puts a curse on these red shoes to always be dancing. So he says to the little girl, you know, (I can't quite remember the words are but it doesn't sound particularly like a curse, but it is put on these shoes). And essentially, she spends the whole time getting down the shoes from the top shelf, she's like addicted to the shoes. She can't keep away from them. And every time she puts them on, she starts dancing. And then she can't stop and it becomes, yeah, like this thing which takes over her and it's external to her. And in the end, she's at death's door because she can't stop dancing in the shoes. And she actually goes to a wood cutter and asks the wood cutter to chop her legs off, because she can't get these shoes off, or to cut her feet off. And in the end, that's what happens to get rid of this curse. She has her feet cut off and becomes a cripple, which is, you know, they are grim fairy tales {Hannah laughs]... but it essentially shows you she's starved of her own creativity and using her... she's gone into people pleasing, into this sort of victim mentality and she's addicted to these shoes. But what she actually needed to do - and what I needed to do {Hannah laughs] - it's hard work, but instead of grabbing for those red shoes is to actually work with what you have. So your initial skills of being able to make your own shoes and you craft them and you get better and better and better at using your own crafting. And through, you know, using your voice and your vision and your values, you can regain what you've lost and you can regain your insight, and you can do your healing and, you know, heal that instinct which has sort of been taken away from you by what other people think, and, you know, people telling you what you must do.


Hannah Velten  10:07

So, that story kept coming back to me this week. And then I had, yeah, the eagle started to appear again [Hannah laughs]. And I don't know if you can see that. I'm just showing on the screen, there's a silver bangle with a golden eagle on it. And now when I started doing my stillness - so I'd done the kind of red shoe analogy, that sort of metaphor and I was like, I have to look after myself, I have to go back to what I know. And that was to start using my intuition and actually to listen and to try and reach Christian in a way that was within me. We had already started to connect. I'd had lucid dreams about him, we had connected in our dreams. But I disregarded all of those, and actually went with, like going on this social media search for him to try and find him externally, when I really should have just been keeping the internal communication with Christian. 


Hannah Velten  11:21

Maybe I should talk about this now. So yeah... on one of my first meditations that I did, I was given a pair of wings, like a pair of Eagle wings, and I was like, 'What am I supposed to do with this?' You know, 'Thanks very much, but how is this gonna help me?' And I was told to just put them on and to just sort of start flapping my arms and see how they felt. And I did this visually, in my meditation, and I slowly, very slowly started to lift off the ground. And I got a sense of lightness and a sense of a new perspective on life. So anyway, in my first meditation, I reached pretty high, I was always above (funnily enough), I was always above [Hannah coughs} like a canyon. It felt like a sort of American canyon. And there was always mountains. Not huge, not mountain ranges, but sort of clumps of rock... but high up. And I was up there, and I could hear... (I was sort of looking around getting used to this bird's eye view) and I could hear other screeching, like other calling from eagles, but I couldn't see anybody. Or I couldn't see any other eagles. And I couldn't use my voice. I couldn't screech. I don't know Eagles, what do they do? They cry, and let's just call it the cry of the eagle. I couldn't do that, my throat was blocked. And after a while, I kept going up in this Eagle body, using my wings. And I actually... on the day I was kind of given my wings, later on that day, I was in the car, and I was driving through this... there's this road that goes through a golf course. So there's golf course on both sides, and there's quite high trees, and out of nowhere this Eagle, I swear, [Hannah laughing] I swear to you, this Eagle came right towards me and missed the car and went on my side of the car I was driving. And I could see it's like amber eye in my vision. And I was so shocked. But I sort of carried on driving and at one point I was like, 'Have I really just seen an eagle after visualising and being one?' Anyway, I went into town and then I came back and I told my husband and he was like, 'oh, wow, okay... are you sure?' And I'm like, 'Well, um no. I'm not really sure.' But anyway, later on that evening, he was walking on the golf course and this blooming Eagle went across over his head, really low. And he got a photo of it. And he came home and he was like, 'I don't understand this, but I've just seen this Eagle as well'. And then I asked one of the mums at our school and she'd seen it before as well... they think it's an escaped Eagle which lives - it obviously has a huge range - but it just happened to come through on that day.


Hannah Velten  15:03

And we've had another Eagle incident actually with Dad. We went up to Skye, which is an island off the west coast of Scotland, in the highlands. And it was the first time we went to Skye - with my parents and my family. And Dad went off. He's a very keen bird watcher and he went off, just round the headland where we were staying, and he came back and said, 'I've just had the most incredible experience with this golden eagle.' And it was.... he was.... ah, I've got chills now... this golden eagle circled over Dad's head for about 30 seconds, really low. And he just couldn't believe it.


Hannah Velten  15:48

And all the way along this time, we thought Christian was still alive. When I look back now and when Christian can look back now, it was very obvious that this Eagle was connected to Christian. Because, as we go on with the story, I, in my meditations, started to get a visit from this goddess called Isis - obviously like she's... [Hannah laughs}... she told me at the time, and she's still furious, that her name has been taken over by terrorists. So I didn't actually like talking about Isis very much, because it always had that connotation. But Isis came to me and I didn't know who she was. But she came to me, I was introduced to her and she sat on my left hand side. [Hannah coughs} See my voice, I'm finding this really difficult to talk about. Anyway, she's set on my left hand side. And when I first met her, she didn't say anything, but I just knew who she was. And she, like, could vibrate my body, she was so powerful. [Hannah laughing] And she still is. But she could vibrate my body. And she was vibrating all this sadness and fear from my body, I could feel it. And she was sort of saying, 'Well, you know, sadness is inevitable with what you're going through with Christian. And I'm sorry for all your sadness, but it's a necessary part. And it will be rewarded in time, without fail, I promise you.' And then she said.... I wrote all this down... I've already said before, I've got loads of journals, I write everything down. And then she said, 'In the meantime, keep the faith, project the love, collect the people, and make the speeches.' And so I was like...  I didn't understand what she was talking about. So then I started to look up about Isis. And if anyone knows the story, I'll do a very quick precis of it. 


Hannah Velten  18:05

But basically, there's Isis, who is very, very attached to Osiris... who is actually a very passive figure. He's a masculine figure. He has a great affinity with water, and a connection to the underworld. And he's like the innocent victim or the helpless one who suffers in this story. But he and Isis at one time ruled together and they fell in love with each other in the womb, it's said, so they're united even before they were born. And Osiris wanted to travel the world. So they were ruling the kingdom. He wanted to travel the world. So Isis was left at home. (I mean, you can understand now why I was like, 'oh, okay, this is an interesting story. This sounds just like Chris and I.) So, he went off wandering the world and he was attacked by Set who actually murdered him whilst he was travelling away from Isis. I think Set was some sort of brother or some other sort of cousin, maybe something like that. And he drowned Osiris in the River Nile. (Obviously, Christian was in the River Niger, but the same sort of thing, in Africa {Hannah laughs}) Isis and her sister, Nephthys (I'm probably saying that wrong) were obviously grief stricken and they, in some of the stories, they're referred to as kites. So the birds, like wailing women, and so they search for the body. Okay, they search for the body all the time, and without the body in Egypt, there was no chance of resurrection. So they really, really wanted to find the body... and at the time, mourning and grieving was seen as an essential part of the process towards the resurrection of the deceased. So grief, the really powerful emotion of grief and the energy that you put into mourning was actually, they felt, transferred into 'heka', which can then be used to revive the deceased; so that's like, it's magic, essentially.


Hannah Velten  20:40

So Osiris was attacked - he was in the river - he was put into a coffin, I guess, some sort of something which actually washed up onto the shore. And this is what Isis found. So she found her brother's body, and she hid it, because she didn't want Set to find it. But Set did find it, he got the dogs and he found Osiris' body, and he tore the body into pieces. Now, there's lots of stories around this; you know, he tore it into lots of different pieces and lots of numbers. But essentially, she then had to - she was obviously distraught - she then had to go and pick up all the missing pieces of her brother, and bring them back together. And she used her magic - that she'd been mourning - and she actually used her magic to... she had like feathers that she wafted over the body, over the bits, and they all came together. And it said that the magic of Isis gives the hearts back. The hearts contain the wisdom, memory and emotion, which is so critical for survival in the afterlife. And it reveals a person's true character. And she was able to bring him back together. And he then came back to life. He couldn't come back in the physical life, but he, as a spirit, lived in in the underworld, and they actually through magic - it wasn't a sexual thing, but through magic - they conceived a child called Horus who was... not an eagle... oh, there's a feather just dropped outside the window... he was a hawk.


Hannah Velten  23:02

So I mean I was sort of reading this going, 'Oh, wow. Okay, so I can understand why Isis has come to me. I totally understand it. She has the magic powers to bring the missing pieces back together. And she's come to help me.' And once I sort of read the story about this brother and sister who ruled, I was like, 'Okay, I understand that. I want that power. I don't want to be the Red Shoes anymore - that sort of story - I want to be like Isis. I want to have her powers. I want to have her magic.'


Hannah Velten  23:52

So this just reminds me, I actually did a post on Facebook on my private Hannah Velten page this week and I actually said that I had been alchemizing grief since 2012. And I had a dream in the middle of the night, one of these 4am Wake Up Calls, and I was actually told that - I'd been at alchemising grief since 2012. This was this week. And I put the post out to explain that, you know, I turned into a ghost writer for life stories because we had lost Christian story and I wanted to help other people to write their life story before it was too late, so that their families would have their stories. And the first gentleman who came forward, he came forward straight away in one of those really weird ways like he'd been in the doctor's surgery and just happened to see our advert. And then his friend had also talked about us and he was like, oh, must go into see them. Anyway, so I went to meet him, unbeknown to me - you know, I just thought we were doing his story - he had this huge history of grief. You know, a father who died very young - an adored father who died when he was very young - he'd lost two wives to cancer. He had all this trauma, he'd worked in the London Met police, he'd witnessed trauma, he'd been part of trauma. He had so much that he needed to release and grieve and mourn. And by just sitting listening to him and talking to him, I could get his story out and he, like, you could see him over the weeks, like, ahh, just transform. And all these coincidences, in inverted commas, started happening. And all these people from his past started coming into his life. And he had like, literally, a renewed sense of joy and living and resolve to, like, really live the rest of his life.


Hannah Velten  26:03

But why I'm saying this, is that on the way to meet him, so this was 2012, where I was still totally denying my grief and stuck in grief, I had - down the left hand side of my body if you cut me in half, from toe to tip of my head - it felt like I had ice water poured into me. So literally, my whole body went ice cold. And I stopped the car because I was like, I'm gonna crash in a minute. And it stayed like that for quite a long time. But I had an MRI scan, because I went to the doctors and it was all unexplained. I had two MRI scans, six months apart, nothing... was totally unexplained. But my brain... the guy actually said to me... 'It looks like you've got the brain of an 80 year old, on one of your sides, because there's lesions on it, it's cloudy.' And he said, 'I can't understand it. Have you had a bash to the head? Or, you know, some something like that?' And I was like, 'No, I hadn't, you know, maybe fallen off a pony when I was little, but I had certainly had no history of that.' So anyway, I put this on Facebook... that coldness that came into my body was actually the first time that I started receiving from Spirit. So I hadn't had that at all before. But I was obviously there to meet with this gentleman to help him through his grief. And I, inadvertently, was working with Spirit to help him release it.


Hannah Velten  27:51

The reason I'm saying that is that in the comments - lots of people commented and liked - and somebody said to me on my Instagram. "You're a very powerful person." And like Christian's come back and he's saying, "Yes, you are!” And the reason I'm powerful is because I worked with Isis. It's because I learnt how to find the missing pieces of myself, and of Christian, to use my magic and I'll go into that in a minute.


Hannah Velten  28:30

And with this blow to the head - that's interesting, because that is the next part I was going to tell you about. So Christian and I, we have shared many past lives. Okay, many past lives. I can tell you two of these now. I did these in... October 2017. So this was just after I'd sort of met Isis and she showed me these two lives. Now one of them there was a Eagle, there was a bear and there's a Wolverine and there was me in snow... wrapped in furs, and I was warm. But I was looking at the sky. And I could see these Eagles swirling above me and I could see what I thought was a Canadian maple leaf. And there were pine trees. There was snow. It was very bright, but the snow was falling. And I was getting covered. But I kind of knew my brother was coming for me. So it was all going to be okay. And as the snow was falling down and I was getting covered, I was like 'No, he's going to come. He's going to come and get me. He's fine.' And he did and I don't know if it was Christian, but this boy appeared and he pulled me up and I hugged him. And he said to me like, 'You're safe now little sis." And I said, like, I knew you'd come for me." That was one of the past lives. 


Hannah Velten  30:04

And then the second past life kind of explains why I've got this head thing [Hannah laughs] - not that you can see and I'm totally normal {Hannah laughs} But I was dressed in... it looked like I was in Greece. So I had a very long white dress on, it was quite low cut, like a priestess' gown - very long, down right to the floor. I had blonde hair, and I was like Amazonian tall; like very tall and very strong looking. But I was there and I suddenly felt this slash down the right side of my face. Why the right side? Ah, yes, patriarchy. Yeah, okay. Down the right side of my face, with a sword, or knife, and it knocked me down on the floor, and I was kicked and I was stamped on. And I was kind of like cowering, covered in blood, just on this rug on the floor. And whoever was there that had done it to me, they then left and I was still lying on the floor and I was hidden, and I was scared. But there was a man above me, who came in and I wasn't really sure of who it was, but it felt like family. And he's saying, 'You can't be a priestess anymore. Like, you're subservient now.' And he knew how powerful I was. And he was like, "No more of this, you know, you're bringing our family into disrepute now." And he kept me in submission. And there was another slash across my right cheek. So this right is like masculine powers, like, patriarchy. It's like, you cannot be a priestess anymore. It's just not allowed. But then, as time came on (so I think I must have moved forward in this visualisation), but this lady came to me and she rescued me. Okay, she was a very tall lady... Oh, I got chills... Oh, god, this is really emotional. {Hannah getting emotional} She's standing before me and she picks me up. And she's like - you know how you pick a child up and you put them down in front of you - and she said, "You have to stand as a priestess again. Once again, you might be scarred, but you're still very powerful and you must move back into that power. Okay, you need to learn that that strength has been inside you all along, and that you cannot be cowed and you cannot be kept quiet. Everything that you need is in yourself. You need the courage to rise alone, okay, you need the courage to rise again. You are gifted." I was then gifted this right to teach and heal again. And she said, "You have to do that proudly, like scars and all; you have to do it proudly". So I don't know if this is resonating with anybody out there. But there's this huge, like… this is the time when us... I always hear that there's a bird tribe out there. {Hannah laughing] If you're listening to this, and you're getting chills or something like that, we are all supposed to be rising, right now. This is our time where we are back to our priestesses and we will not be cowed and we will tell our story... and my voice is actually going a bit freer now.


Hannah Velten  33:46

So for me, the energy that helped me was Isis. And part of what I had to do was revisit a holy Celtic site and that binded me with Christian. So I completely forgot about that actually, and then skip... maybe five months later or so, I actually visited Cornwall, to Tintagel and very close to there is St. Nectan's Glen, which is waterfalls, which is magical... there's a little sort of cabin where you can pray to the Goddess and I sat in there and I prayed to Isis to find Christian. And actually when I was in the waterfalls (I'm just hearing this), like when I was down walking through the waterfalls, I picked up some of the water and I was washing my hands in it, and then I put it over my face and it went in my boots. You know it was everywhere - this holy water. And straight after that, like the next day - I've told this story before - but I was walking along the cliffs and I heard, "You are the Finder of Lost Things: this is a great responsibility." So it was almost as though I had received my initiation from Isis and I was now allowed to be the Finder of Lost Things. 


Hannah Velten  35:37

Now I have to say that working with Isis, how I did it, was I got some Isis Oracle cards and every day I would meditate and I would choose some Oracle cards... I think I did a big spread once a week, and then every day maybe had one card. And she literally guided me along. Whatever I needed, [Hannah laughs} she provided with these cards. And she was my guide. There's no other way of saying it. She was my guide and my leader and she taught me how to use - or how to unearth and remember and allow my powers to come through. If you've had a visit from Isis, or any of the goddesses, like you'll know what I mean when I say, you filled feel completely held and supported and loved. And you can't do this kind of healing journey alone. And I say that 'healing journey': at the time, I still thought Christian was alive. Okay, I hadn't even touched my grief. [Hannah laughs] But she was preparing me for my role, now, essentially. 


Hannah Velten  37:02

... The next bit to tell you... at some point, I was ready and I had learned enough. So this was actually November 30 2017... probably about a month after I'd been working with her. Because I worked with her every day. I stopped all my writing, I stopped my job. I just went into, you know, my husband was very worried about me. He was like, couldn't understand why I was just sitting it up in our bedroom in my chair just meditating. And I think he thought I was going mad. But at the time, it was the only thing that I could do. It was like my mission. And then... on the 30th November, she said to me, 'You can get back in touch with Christian now', because I sort of cut him out after the dreaming that we were doing together and the meditation and she said, 'You're ready to meet him now, as the eagle." I was like, "Oh, okay'. {Hannah laughs]... She said, "Get in touch with Christian and tell him that you're ready to receive him with open wings [open arms] and tell him not to be scared; you will be able to hold him now, you have regained all your powers and magic ability. He will trust your words and be very relieved as he's been carrying so much, wanting for you to return for him. It is now your turn to revive him. We will show him to you, in your reality, physically in form. Don't be afraid of him. He is your brother Christian, although greatly changed. You will know it's him.' Blah, blah, blah. Anyway, so I went into the meditation. And, sure enough, I've got it down here. I couldn't believe how much I changed because I hadn't been in my Eagle form for quite a long time. But anyway, I went up and I was like, oh my I'm really powerful now. I sort of rose up very quickly. Obviously my vibration I'd gone from being totally in grief, very heavy vibration, stranded on the floor, unable to rise. I was crippled, if we go back to The Red Shoes. I then was using my wings. I was flying. I was graceful. I was seeing a higher vibrational picture. And anyway, Christian... [I've written it down here]... he like literally screamed, "Han!" I could hear him and he came out at me at full force. And he crashed into me. He goes, "I've been waiting for you for so long to return." Then he saw how strong I was. And I said to him, "Look, I've been away learning, I've been building myself back up" and sort of apologised that I've been away for so long. And I said to him, like, "I can now support you, you can come home... I didn't know what to do before, but I'm strong enough now. I'm strong enough for you to come home. I'm going to be able to support you. I'm going to look after you. And, you know, it couldn't have happened before now, because I was not myself. I was not whole. I didn't know how powerful I was.' And he was like, 'Oh, my God' and we lifted off the ground together, like into the sky. And he couldn't believe I was with him. Because I'd always known he was there, because I could hear them; I knew there were other Eagles around. And I'd actually learnt to use my voice, but I still couldn't attract the Eagles in. But now like Christian and I were together. And we were like flying loop-the-loops and crying out together. And we sort of said that we could stay as birds now in Spirit, and watch our physical bodies get reunited, like we could watch from above. And like he was trusting me that I would be able to help him now, because at that point he still thought he was alive as well. All we could say was like, "WOW!" We were so overwhelmed by the whole thing. And we'd been rebirthed, like we'd met back in Spirit... IN THIS LIFE, this is really important, I'm being told. 


Hannah Velten  41:38

And this is where possibly the twin flame telepathy comes in. But we, in this life, had been reunited in our spirit form. And consciously... consciously, that's really important. Anyway, just after that, I actually heard that I was speaking at the Missing People Christmas Concert, and actually was asked to write a letter to Christian and, in this letter, I wrote about being very sure that Christian and I were connected in Spirit. I was really honest. I showed Mum and Dad the letter and they were like, "Hmm, are you sure you're gonna say that?" I was like, "No, I have to say it." Anyway, so I said, in this letter that I read out at the Carol Service... I don't know if I've said this before, but it was actually being recorded by... um, Davina McCall was there and it was being recorded by '"Long Lost Families'. So there's a record of it somewhere because I was filmed doing it. And in it, I was talking about, you know, we've met in spirit now, I was very sure about that and I was now a lighthouse. I was like a beacon and just drawing Christian in, in the physical. And I was absolutely convinced that Christian was coming into the physical, and he was convinced. He's like, 'This is gonna be great watching us reunite."


Hannah Velten  43:18

And, obviously, he didn't come back in his physical form, he came back in his spirit form. But actually, the people's reaction... this is important to say... after I'd finished reading my letter to Christian, I went to like the after-party for it and there were so many people - obviously they were all families with missing people. And so many people came up and they were sort of saying, 'Oh, you know, siblings are so overlooked when people go missing, it's always the parents that are in, you know, in the spotlight' (and I think that's the same when children die as well, you know, the brothers and sisters are overlooked, mainly), and like everyone sort of came up to me like I was... they were all a bit wide- eyed and a bit... I felt like I was emanating this power. And I was saying all along in this letter that I was just pouring out unconditional love; that was how I was going to attract Christian in and it just hit a nerve with people at the concert... then what happened? I did the concert. Oh, that's it. God. Yeah, I did the concert. And I should have had a clue as to what was going on. Like Isis was telling me all the time that Christian and I would meet, but that he was going to be changed. And I didn't really have a clue what was going on, I still wasn't grieving. 


Hannah Velten  45:11

Anyway, in January 2018, so that was like a few weeks after I'd read out my letter, I had this... I think it was Isis... but I heard this word 'hedgewitch' that came into my head, and it kept being repeated. And I was like, "What? What is that?" I didn't know what a 'hedgewitch' was. And I looked it up in the dictionary, because, like, at one point I thought have I just made that up? But I can't be making that up, because I don't even know what it is. So I looked it up and essentially a 'hedgewitch' is a witch, who sits in the hedge [Hannah laughs], metaphorically, obviously, which divides the physical to the non-physical. Okay. So when I say I'm now a 'spirit messenger', that's how I've kind of toned it down. Because I was told it as a 'hedgewitch'. So essentially, you're a conduit between... you're a messenger between the realms, and you can use this power to help other people, support other people, and to bring messages of love. There's nothing fearful or spooky about it, it's just what I do. Anyway, I then talked to Isis and I was like, 'Well, what am I going to do with this? Because I don't need this.' You know? What is this? Because Christian's just gonna turn up, in a minute. And after the concert.. I actually had... The Daily Telegraph (so one of the broadsheets in the UK) do an article on me saying, "No, Christian's definitely going to come home; we've connected, he's definitely coming home." I had the local news, it then went on to the BBC website. So all people around the world. In fact, one point it was trending higher than I think Harry had just announced his engagement to Megan (I think that's right) and… my story about how Christian gonna come home soon after - how many years was at that point? - yeah, so after 15 years, 'I'm sure he's gonna come home' was all there trending away, and I still didn't grab the significance of it.


Hannah Velten  47:52

Anyway, I think in the end, Isis was like, 'Okay, this is obviously going to take longer than than we thought.' And in February 2018, I got the message from Isis, that it was going to take three years and four months for the next section of my evolution, my growth, my healing, my transformation. I was like, really? What? I couldn't believe it - I wrote it down with a question mark next to it, like, are you sure? This is ridiculous. Christian's gonna turn up in a minute, how can it be another...? Anyway, and so from that time, until now, which is actually three years and four months... I found that today, and I checked it out and I was like, 'WOW' Okay. So in between those three years and four months, I have essentially been grieving. I have been moving through my grief, with Christian, having found him in Spirit. Like, after she told me the three years and four months - February, March, April, May - Yeah, I found him on the first of May. So it was only a few months later. I then found out the truth about Christian, he found out the truth about his being in Spirit. And that's why I kind of say it was almost a relief in the end because we knew. And at that time, we knew we were so connected in Spirit that when the news came through that, yeah, he was in Spirit and we were never going to meet again in the physical - as physical bodies - it was traumatic for like, a few days. I was like, 'oh God, really? I'm never gonna see him again. Never gonna see you again physically?' But then we just started talking to each other. We started writing together, I could hear his voice. I knew we were so connected, so connected in Spirit. 


Hannah Velten  50:06

And, yeah, so then when I was told, you know, this is gonna take three years... I then, a few days later, joined The Missing People Choir and had my first rehearsal. So that was the beginning of my real initiation into the grief process. That's when - I am hearing this now - that's when I moved through into my real mourning and started to grieve properly when I was in a room with people who were in grief, in fear... stagnated... because I felt I'd moved on and I was now with Christian, sort of in Spirit at that point... although I was still waiting for him to come in the physical, I was on a so much higher vibe - I was like the eagle; we were flying together up high - and I just couldn't... I found it so difficult being in the choir. And I've talked about this in a previous episode, so I won't go into any more on that. But Isis was there. And she knew this was going to take another three years, four months, to move through the grief: to not only find out that Christian was indeed in Spirit, but to move through the process of being with Christian in Spirit, and telling family, telling friends, starting to work with other people, starting to receive for other people. I've had a three year - I call it an apprenticeship - I've had a three year apprenticeship, actually consciously knowing what I'm doing. [Hannah laughs] And moving through and finding what I can do with Spirits, with moving energy, with shape shifting, with all these things that I've been learning and remembering. You know, this process is like just evolving the whole time... I'm learning every day, every day... and so this afternoon, I have to tell you what happened this afternoon. 


Hannah Velten  52:29

So Christian and I this week. So we have our souls - all our stories, our souls - are now coming into us. Right, Christian's here on my left hand side, holding my hand. This afternoon I did a meditation with Natasha who was in Episode 11 and it was an akashic records - I'm feeling really sick, for some reason - urgh. Anyway, um, we did this meditation, and Christian and I actually were in one Eagle body. So instead of being separate eagles, we are now one body. This is maybe why I'm feeling ill, because it's so big. We're now in one body. Okay, we are two souls, back in one body, in this life. In this life. Okay? I'm hearing like, this hasn't happened before. This is new for us. And this is what we came here for. Hmmm, interesting. Okay, so this soul that we are - like a combined soul, like twin souls - we are now together again fully, in this life. And this is when we start to spread our love and what happened to us, and it's gonna reach whoever needs to hear it. Oh, okay. This is the beginning of the real, like, next adventure. Chris is here now. Okay. Ooo. Okay. So, like, if you think of the Divine energy that I channel - I have known it as 'God', I've known it as 'The Creator'; I could know it as 'Isis and Osiris' together - it's like a Divine Union. So you've got the masculine and the feminine, and they are both empowered. Okay, they're not disempowered, like lost, in chaos, not trusting themselves. Like, they're empowered. Christian and I are both empowered, we've both come together. I can be receiving whatever's coming in, as the empowered feminine... this came through actually in a masterclass I did this week, it's all just tied together this week... as an empowered feminine, I'm receiving, okay. I then need to ask my empowered masculine, whether that is within me, or whether it is in Christian, but we are combined now - so, we are one... the divine energy in two parts - I can ask him to support me, and to help me to do, to get things done. Obviously being in Spirit... if you've been following this show... he has been bringing people to me all the time. I asked him yesterday, like, "I'm asking you, Chris. I'm receiving all this stuff that we need to do now. I can see contracts coming towards us. I can see things that we're signing, I can see big things happening. Chris, you need to support me. You need to get things done.' And he's like, already this morning, people are coming to me for support and help; they've had the chills and they've had the niggle come in. So like I know something big is happening. I am ready for this adventure now. I'm so ready. And Isis has come back today. I hadn't thought about her for probably years and she's now back here. And Christian's obviously here as well now. So...


Hannah Velten  56:35

Ah, we'll see what happens. There's definitely... Yeah, there's something big. I don't know what's going to happen next week. But I suspect something's gonna happen [Hannah laughs] before I next talk to you. So we'll see how that goes. But so much sending so much love to everybody. And I hope this has given you some hope, and some inspiration maybe, and some empowerment, because like everything you need is with inside of you. You just need to remember it and stand in your power and use your voice. Because if you use your voice, other people can hear you and you can attract in your team... I don't want to say 'tribe', but people who are like you, who are on the same vibration, call them in, but you need to be like high, on a high vibration, to be able to use your voice and have it reach out.


Hannah Velten  57:32

Okay, lots of love. And I'll see you next week.


Hannah Velten  57:34

[Outro] Thank you for listening to The Finder of Lost Things. I think we've been triggered so long and so hard by COVID and it's gonna carry on. People are getting used to stillness and they're getting used to a more solitude. But how do you use that time for the highest good? This process that we're going to explore will bring back the joy and purpose to life; that wholeness, you know, that sort of harmony and flow and togetherness. People are really ready to find their lost parts now. You can find me at www.hannahvelten.online