March 22, 2021

Episode #9 - The Truth Will Set You Free

What if you're not full of the joys of Spring? With COVID restrictions relaxing and the Spring Equinox just past (20th March in Northern Hemisphere), what if your feelings of loss and grief are weighing heavy while others are returning to 'normal' life? Christian and I, and our team of guides, are concentrating this week on helping you navigate these times of collective grief and personal grief. It's not going to be an easy ride into Spring, but what we've learnt on our own grief walk might help you recognise some universal truths and show you some hidden barriers which you might not have even realised are constricting your potential for healing and expansion. And what you seed now will come to fruition later in the year, so it's important to see clearly the next few steps in front of you, even if the long-view ahead is full of fog.

Image: Caterpillar with bonus long legs (FAS - Hannah's 9yr old daughter)


Hannah Velten  00:12

Hello, everybody, hello, welcome. Come on in. As always, come and sit around in a circle. The circle just signifies that everybody has equality and, yeah, we're all connected.


Hannah Velten  00:30

]So I must apologise, first of all, for missing last week's show. I did turn up at five o'clock, but I'd missed my slot, because the producers who I work with are in America on the West Coast and they changed their clocks that week. And obviously, we in the UK, don't change our clocks for another week, so there was a little bit of a mix up. But I completely trust that everything was as it should have been, because we did the first eight shows of this podcast and that last show, number eight, was pretty big for myself and for Christian. I stood up and owned the fact that I am "The Finder of Lost Things" and I also started to call in Christian's lost objects from Africa, to come to me in the physical. So that was a major, major show. And actually, the week I failed to turn up, I'd had really very little information and guidance on what to put in the show - and that was why. So I'm kind of seeing this show as actually starting a new set of eight shows. So it's almost like this is gonna be series two. So series one was Christina and I and a few guests, really setting up our backstory and almost saying goodbye to the past, so putting it to bed in some ways. So yeah, all our story and all the goodness that we could get out of it. Now, with Spring Equinox (if you're listening in Australia, you will have Autumn Equinox)  this is all like a time of big change. And this sort of second part of the podcast, we are going to be moving very much from Christian and I (and our internal story) to inviting lots more guests on the show and we're going to turn the focus to you, the listeners. And we really want to be helping you now as we begin to navigate forwards.


Hannah Velten  02:58

So first a little bit of context. So we've just had Spring Equinox in the UK. Up to there, we've also had Valentine's Day, we've also had Mother's Day, which are like major, major trigger dates for lots of us who have loved ones who've moved in Spirit. It's also the time now where we're looking at coming out of lockdown restrictions, the easing gradually off in the UK. (And I must say I'm very glad the kids have gone back to school. I've got some sort of headspace again). But all this movement is difficult to handle for lots of us. And I think actually this relaxing of the restrictions is going to be a real flashpoint for many of us, as we start to emerge into a life which is often going to be very different from how we went into lockdown, and even the beginning of 2020. So, we've got all these things which can really work in a way to off-balance us and Spring Equinox is all about balance: the equal night and day, so the light and the dark. And I guess this is a time when what we've lost becomes very obvious, but also what is light, what's ahead of us and what is present with us also becomes very obvious. So we're in this real moment of trying to regain some balance, but we've got all this unknown ahead of us. We've got change coming at us (which none of us like), so, yeah, a very difficult time. So what I'd really like to talk through today is set a bit more context to how people are feeling - how I'm interpreting what people are feeling, what they're telling me - and I also want to give lots of guidance from Spirit: had loads this week. There's also something I'd really like to try with you, which you will find helpful if you have something to write with - so paper and pen - and tapping into your thoughts: so free writing, so things that might be waiting to come up, so truths waiting to come up for you, which will make it a more pleasant experience moving forwards. And also, I want to tell you a bit about what's happened to me in the last couple of weeks, because I think it will inspire you, so you can see how a level of trust really, really will help you as we move forwards from this time.


Hannah Velten  06:03

So, I've had lots of conversations the last couple of weeks. The first one I'd like to talk about is a family friend, whose husband died six months before the first lockdown. So this was in 2020. The isolation has been very difficult for her, but she was telling me she's being very supported by family. But actually, as we've been in the third lockdown, it's been really hard. And I think a lot of us have found the third lockdown through winter hard enough as it is, but also where you're still grieving and life is kind of stuck. And so it's really been difficult for our friend to... she can accept, she says, that life will never be the same again for her. But it's been really hard to grieve. And it's also been even harder to kind of move on in any meaningful way and rebuild life. And she also said that because so many families have been affected by lockdown: we are in this time of sort of collective grief, so everybody has some sort of loss, or grief, even if it's like lost time, if it's lost opportunities or anything like that: lost finances, lost jobs. So it doesn't need to be the death of somebody at all, it can be any type of loss that we all need to adjust to and we've all been dealing within our own ways. So, yes, our friend was saying everybody's coping with a grief and it's almost like her grief, which was so new anyway, it's almost like being forgotten. People are no longer acknowledging her grief. So, you know, it's really been a difficult time.


Hannah Velten  08:27

I'm also part of a writing group, and somebody posted how lockdown #3 and COVID-19 has, she says, "I'm broken, you've won". Everything about her body, about her life, she says, there's an itch in her mind and it's a place she can't reach, you know, she's frustrated, she's bored and this sort of idea of life as being a suspended reality. And there's just this uncertainty and fear. I mean, she's really feeling the heaviness of her emotions, as well as the collective emotions around everybody else as well. And it's like that wishing for change, but not really knowing how to change, like being given the opportunities, but the body is tired and the brain is pretty scrambled and foggy. So that's two conversations I've had.


Hannah Velten  09:41

The other part of this is that today, from my perspective on the Wheel of the Year, is actually the beginning of the 'Awakening Time'; so you can see it in nature very clearly and I went for a walk today as well - if you look at everything that's around us, some things are already blossoming in the hedges, other trees you can see the buds forming, and other plants and trees still look like they're in the winter hibernation. So, the energy at the moment, I've found it difficult the last couple of weeks, some days I've been really full of energy, other times I've been drained - it's an up and down, up and down. And you can see how nature is all starting to move, but some of its a lot further ahead, seemingly further ahead, than other plants and trees. And I think that's probably the same for all of us, as we're experiencing Spring as well. So forget about lockdown restrictions, and sort of normal life coming back; you know, we are in a pattern of this awakening time, which is an uncomfortable time anyway. Yeah, I'm just getting: "It's an uncomfortable time". And that's something which, like, that's a big truth. So I'm going to be getting lots of guidance from Spirit today. So that is one of the big truths - it's almost like write it down. "It's okay, because this is an awakening time, it is an uncomfortable time. It's a natural time for things to be moving, to be changing." Okay, and it's almost like we have to allow that to happen. Yeah, I get it: "It's natural. It's normal. It's fine".


Hannah Velten  11:56

But when I was a student - 20 plus years ago - I was a night-time counsellor, so we used to sit in a little room with a telephone and anybody who needed us could phone this number and we would be there to help talk through any problems. And when I was doing the training for it, we were asked, when do you think during the year is the most difficult time for people? You know, when do most suicides happen? When do people you know really find it difficult - experience depression, things like that. And we all sat around going well, it's got to be Christmas and New Year, hasn't it? Because that's when you kind of see everybody else, how they're with family and things like that. But actually, no, it's not. It's springtime. And it's when life starts to come back and you see people moving around, when actually you start to question, What do I have to look for forward to? Where are my friends? It's an overwhelming time. So, all of this is basically saying, if this is something that you're experiencing... and I think we all are experiencing this up and down and probably fog of what is ahead of us, you know, what can we see? So it's perfectly normal. And that's okay. That's okay. It's almost like you have to surrender to this. So this is coming in [from Spirit]. It's like you have to surrender to this. It's okay. So almost relax into it. Accept it. It's a difficult time. And often when you hear what other people are experiencing, and you go, Oh, okay. So we all know this is going to be a time when the light and the dark are going to come up. So it might be... I had a chat with another friend quickly as well this afternoon. And she was saying that some days she's feeling positive and things are moving forwards and then - argh - something kind of pulls her back and stops her. So that sort of sets the scene of where we are at the moment.


Hannah Velten  14:53

Now, I asked for guidance for this time of Spring Equinox - I actually did it for last week's show, but it still completely stands. So when I was going to do the show last week, I was in this very foggy area, in my head; I'd just made this big decision of standing up as "The Finder of Lost Things" and calling in Christian's lost objects, and then I was like, Oh, well... what happens now? {Hannah laughs} And it literally went quiet for four days, and I actually had time to relax and rest. So like, if you're given a time where it goes quiet, and nothing really is going on, please use that time to rest and mother yourself - we'll talk about that in a minute. Because rest assured that if you're given this peaceful time, it's there for a reason. So, in time you will need all that energy from resting and recuperation; that energy that you've gained, you will need it as you're moving forward. Sorry, my voice is going [Hannah's voice deepens and goes thick, so she has to cough] which means there's a lot of guidance here - this is maybe for somebody in particular.



Okay, so when I have foggy times, I do use it as a rest and recuperation time. But I also have three things that I particularly use and which we will talk about more in the programmes ahead. But there's three things that I particularly use to bring me guidance. These three things anyone can use and they bring real clarity for me. Even if they're small little steps forward, they give me a pathway to follow. So the first one is tarot cards, and oracle cards. Now they are actually enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment and lots of people that I know have got Oracle cards - if the idea of tarot cards kind of makes you go [gulp], oracle cards are a lot easier. So for me, oracle cards and tarot cards, they work on a higher energy: whether that's your soul, or your spirit guides - we'll talk about all this in another programme - but they give you the guidance through the cards. So you basically ask your question and choose a card, or you have a daily card that you pick and that card is guidance for you. The other thing that I do is I journal - which we will be doing in a while. So that is basically asking questions and then just sitting quietly and just writing down whatever comes into your head, whatever sits in your heart, like you get through the chatter in the brain. So that's journaling. And the other thing is lessons from nature. Like I will just go out, I will ask a question. And I will go for a walk and I will notice things in nature - I've got a beautiful lady who's going to come and talk to us about lessons in nature. But those three things really, really do give me guidance. That's how I receive a lot of my guidance.



So I asked seven questions, on Spring Equinox, and using a range of tarot cards and Oracle cards I asked for guidance for all of us - for all the listeners of "The Finder of Lost Things". So I'm just going to read out what the question was and give you the rough guidance. Some things will resonate with you. Some things won't, that's absolutely fine. Just take a note of anything that you like the sound of, or something that kind of shines out to you. It might be that when I give you the question, you'll immediately think of something in your own head. So just keep a pen and paper with you and just as I go through (and you can always listen back) see what comes up for you.


Hannah Velten  20:19

So the first question: What new life is emerging for me right now?


Hannah Velten  20:26

Okay, and the card I got for us as a collective was "The Sun".


Hannah Velten  20:33

Now, that's all about, like, expect the best. We can all think, as we're coming out of lockdown, and we're coming into the spring, we can expect the worst, you know, and actually, I did pull a card just before I came on. And - it's not a very attractive creature... the water dragon. Now that dragon comes up as the fears and the negative thoughts and beliefs and they are what this show is really going to be all about - getting rid of those negative emotions, thoughts, fears. Okay, so "The Sun" is basically telling you to expect the best. Okay? Like see the bigger picture. Open up to everything that's on offer, even if you can't see anything at the moment. Okay, just open up to possibility. Okay, there's huge power inside of us; massive power, we are so powerful. All of us. You create what is happening for you. Taking back control of your life is so important. I know that was massively important to me. You know, Christian disappearing - that was like life was completely out of control. I was helpless. But actually, I wasn't at all; I did have control over what I was thinking. And taking back control, I was able to look inside myself and find my powers, find my stability and find my strength. And then whatever was happening outside I was able to bend with it, flow with it much better - to deal with things. So it's really about not setting limits on yourself and not setting limits on the potential of things. And making bold moves and really believing in yourself... ah, yes, The Sun. That is what is emerging in us right now. Okay, that new life is there; is a seed at the moment. It's a seed. And we have to be able to, yeah, expect the best of this seed that's within us and we can plant the seeds now. Okay, whatever we plant now will come into fruition and fruit in/by Autumn Equinox. Okay, so we've got another, what are we, six months. So planting the seeds right now, we can decide what our life is going to be like. That's really important. And I'll go back to that.


Hannah Velten  24:08

And the second question I asked was, "how can we best nurture this new life: so best nurture this seed?" and I got 'Life Restored'. Okay, so that is all about turning your face towards the sun, rising again, healed, renewed. Trust that everything that's happening is happening for you and not to you. Anything that's appearing dead or still not bursting with life, or ready to burst with life, it will rebirth in the end. It will flourish back to life. And whatever part of you, or your life, that you thought was dead, or lost, turn your face to the sun, and you can bring it back to life. And there's a lot about following... I always got advice, which was 'do what you love'. Do what you love. That advice came direct from Spirit, and it was just a phrase. But that's stuck in my heart, and I still live to that now. Like, do what you love, and things will happen. So yeah, this power of rebirth is massive.



The third question I asked was "what part of life most needs the balancing energies of the Equinox?" And I drew "The Fox" for that (I used a range of different cards). Now 'The Fox' was all about being okay with like this in-between time that's happening. We've talked about this sort of in-between time before, where everything's sort of suspended and we're neither going forwards or going backwards, in a lot of ways. But that's okay. So lots needs to be released before we move forward and kind of allow this to happen. Anything that needs to be released, like this could be thoughts - definitely. It could be situations, it could be people, it could be material things... that's why we have a good spring clean, isn't it? To be able to let things go. Yeah, and "The Fox" also brings this idea of sharpening your senses, like being really aware of what's going on around you. And a lot of that has to do with... when we talk about missing, or lost things... what are you carrying, and holding that actually isn't yours? So a lot of that will be other people's fear. In this sort of fearful collective, we know how the media and listening to other people's opinions without actually questioning them, and really deciding for yourself. Yeah, so really sharpening your senses - all of your senses - to what's really happening around you, and what's unfolding. And there'll be small things that 'fox' would notice. Yeah, so what are you carrying that isn't yours? So other people's fears, maybe. And what things are hiding in plain sight? And I think we talked a lot about the truth of things, like what's really happening. And that it's okay to do this. You know, it's okay to see the truth of things; that really is key and to allow the truth of things to appear to you.


Hannah Velten  28:46

The next question I ask is, "where will we experience the most growth this season?" So this season... so right now, and moving forwards, and that was "The Star Mother", so this is all about loving ourselves, cherishing ourselves, being held, supported. It's really about self love. And it being divinely supported. We're going to talk a little bit in a minute about asking for help, and how best to do that, because we're not alone. We're never alone. None of us are ever alone. We have a whole team that are with us: our loved ones, our spirit guides, our soul selves, to name a few, okay? Accepting their help, like "The Sun" is all about receiving as well. Receiving and accepting help from outside of ourselves, but also knowing that we have everything we need within ourselves as well: we have all the strength, but we need some help along the way to probably recognise this, and to also.. {Hannah sighs} it's just like support; knowing that somebody else is there. So we can be alone, but we're never lonely. We don't need to be lonely, we always have that support around. And the "Star Mother" she's definitely all about giving and receiving love, and being capable of receiving love and being compassionate to ourselves, and forgiving ourselves and nurturing ourselves. So we don't do that. We often don't do that. There's a lot of negative self talk that goes on. You know, and maybe when we're looking at coming out in the spring, it's like, well, I should be doing this, I should be doing that. You know, I should be making an effort to talk to friends, to arrange to do things. But actually, if you're not feeling that, that's fine - for the moment. Just accept where you are at this moment and understand why you're there at this moment.



Okay, and then the next question was, "what is holding us back? Where are you experiencing resistance to this new growth, that's kind of starting to move?" And that was all about "The Ancestors". And this was really all about what's outside of you that you're bringing forward, or you're listening to, or what is shaping you. So that's going to be family, that's going to be ancestors, but it's also going to be the culture that we're in, it's also going to be in the social backgrounds that we're in, so what role we're playing and how that's a kind of baggage for us, which is stopping us from moving forward. So I'm sure there's a brilliant... I might just do that. Now there's a little tool, which I use quite a lot, and I have used, and that's actually to just lie - it's often best to lie down or sit down quietly - and actually scan your body, you move up from your feet, up through your body, and actually notice - it becomes obvious once you do it - notice where anything in your body feels heavy or tight. Like that will often give you a clue as to what you're holding on to, and where you're holding on to it. For example, before the children went back to school, I did this scan through myself and actually found that I was holding the children in different areas of my body. I have two children. It doesn't really matter where I was holding them (because I was nervous about them going back to school in some sort of capacity) and I actually just moved the energy that I was sort of holding on to them, I moved it to my heart. So it was a clear link between us, rather than me being worried about them and nervous about them. So I was sending them off with love. And so you can tell in your body what isn't yours. And you shouldn't be carrying what isn't yours. And there's one other tool that I was shown to help remove any connection which you feel you want to get rid of; so a connection that isn't healthy any longer. And you can - actually sort of like a corkscrew - you can actually instead of cutting an energy cord, which I always find a bit harsh, like you can corkscrew out an energy that isn't belonging to you. If that doesn't really make sense, that's fine, but I'm sure if you sort of scan your body and even just think about it, some truth will come up about something that you're holding that you shouldn't be holding on to. And "The Ancestors" are the ones that you can ask for help. Okay, so if we have new ideas and new seeds that we want to plant going forwards, it's always a good idea to ask the ancestors to protect them for a while: these new ideas and wishes and dreams that you have. Because very often, if you begin to tell people your new ideas and your dreams, they can turn around and squash them - like that big Monty Python foot that just goes {Stomp} and squashes whatever's underneath. So you can ask the ancestors to just keep these ideas and these dreams safe for a while until they're big enough and strong enough for you to start talking about them and putting them into action. So the ancestors are always there to help. Always there to help. So, yeah... I think it's really up to you to find that connection with your ancestors, whether it's - ohhh - something like I'm being just shown now, like looking at a photograph of somebody and holding them next to your heart in the photograph, and asking them for guidance, or anything that you feel that you need. And then open up to any signs and synchronicities and coincidences that start happening to show you a pathway. So it's asking questions of your ancestors. And also opening to receive them, and trusting the teeny, weeny little things. That builds up with confidence, but it's really getting those... yeah, just noticing these cumulative signs. And opening to the mystery of it all.


Hannah Velten  37:30

This time is actually really exciting. I'm finding it very exciting, which I'll talk about in a minute. But it is this time of, like possibility. It's like unlimited possibility. We often limit ourselves thinking, 'Oh, well, that would be really nice to do that, but...' or, we are very, very specific about what we want, when actually what could happen is way, way better, like beyond your wildest dreams. So you can limit yourself by being too specific about something. So hopefully, that will help in some way. So yeah, just don't limit yourself. Yeah, gosh, if I ever thought that I'd be doing this even five years ago, I wouldn't have believed you. So yeah, don't ever limit yourself on what YOU CAN ACHIEVE. And what you're here to achieve. Hmmm.


Hannah Velten  38:40

Okay, I've got two more questions. The next one was "what does our spirit most need to overcome the resistance?" And that was "The Smoky Mirror". So what's holding you back? This is like the big truth stuff, where that lives. It's like, deep in your story, where you discover the wounds that prevent you from seeing the truth of your current situation. So that's a massive subject, isn't it? But like fears, expectations of disappointment, feelings of unworthiness, maybe all clouding your capacity to really see the potential in yourself and the situation. So it's allowing the whole mystery to unfold and being curious about what's happening. So instead of seeing it as a, you know, "Urgh, this always happens to me, I always get this far and then something happens." It's like, where's that come from? That thinking that has happened in the past. Like you need to change that thinking, or really explore that, where that idea came from, because it wouldn't have come from you... it would have come from parents, from society, from somebody telling you something. So this is all about finding the truth of your thoughts and your feelings. And really seeing that they are illusions. That really you have all the potential you need, and you're capable of doing anything.



And then the last question is, "where should we be focusing this season's powerful growth energy?" And that was all on 'The Seer'. So that's seeing beyond the current situation, all right. Raising your vibration from one of fear and heaviness, and loss, and all the things which it's really easy to hold on to, like rise above that, and focus on the love. Focus on what you can change. Focus on your intentions. Creating for the future. That's where all the focus needs to go on. Instead of seeing yourself as stuck or lost, or if you can't see a pathway really of where to go forward, just keep an intention of this 'expecting the best': This is where I would want to go, this is where I really need to go. And then just knowing that the Universe is like recalibrating a course and a pathway for you.


Hannah Velten  41:47

Okay, so I hope some of that has helped. And this whole thing about having a pathway and intention and not really being able to see how it's going to happen. It's like all these little steps... all you can see is what's right in front of you, generally - let's say that to start with. This is what you can see in front of you, this is what you have to deal with. And then taking the small steps that you can, even if you can't... yeah, I was talking about that head fog, I think we've all experienced that... and I'm still sort of roughly experiencing it a bit... but it's just trusting and taking those small steps that you can see. Like you have the bones of an idea - something that really lights you up; do what you love - having the idea of it, asking the ancestors to protect that idea from... from in many cases yourself: I'm thinking from self doubt, and limiting yourself. And then like flesh out the idea, ask for guidance and start fleshing out that idea of how it might happen or what it might look like: 'what's the potential here?' And then, yeah, calling in the help, and then being open to receiving all the help you're going to get.


Hannah Velten  43:26

So yeah, there's also a couple of questions which might help you here. So if you just want to write these down, you don't need to go through them now. But some little questions, which might help you and prompt you, to ask during a bit of stillness and a bit of quiet time. And just don't think too hard about the answers, but it might surprise you what comes up.



So the first question is, "At this moment in time, what would I like to have?"



The next question is "What do I want to create?"



And the next question is, "What new adventures would I like to manifest?"



Okay. Do these questions whenever you want. But now is the time to really not lose focus. We've come out of the blustery/gusty wind time that we've had for several weeks, where we were being buffeted backwards and forwards. But now is the time for real concentrated focus. And using your time really wisely and really mothering yourself, looking after yourself as well. And "How do I want to feel?" That's a really important question to ask as well.


Hannah Velten  45:09

Right? So I think probably, there's all sorts of goodies in there that will help you maybe get some inner strength and a little bit of fire about what you can achieve. And if you're not feeling like you want to achieve anything at the moment, that's fine. Like, you go back to the trees and the flowers, some are just not ready to start their growth, you know. But it's just planting those little seeds. Yeah, that's all I need to say.



The last thing I would just like to tell you a bit about what's happened to me the last couple of weeks. And I hope that you can see how for the seeds that you might be planting now, and the different thoughts that you're going to have moving forward, you'll be able to see how they can grow and how things can change and how the Universe will help you to achieve it. Okay, so Autumn Equinox, so six months ago for me, I was in this place where I was really fearful about standing up in front of people and saying my truth, talking about Christian and myself: I was still nervous about people's reactions, I was still fearful about what was going to be thrown at me. And it was all irrational fears. Like we were talking about "The Smoky Mirror" you know, where these ideas, these thoughts came from - I mean my fears were all coming from the culture, from society, from family, from ancestors, from past lives - the whole caboodle. So I had good reason to be fearful about talking openly, but, yeah, Autumn Equinox, I made a decision that enough was enough, and that I had to move on with my life and I had to use everything that Christian and I had been through to help other people. You know, there was no point in keeping it to ourselves. And I had to not concentrate on what other people were thinking. And I had to step over that barrier and not care what anybody thought... which I'm pretty much there {Hannah laughs}, but there's always the thought... being on social media and things like that is a nightmare for me. I don't really enjoy social media. But it was a decision that I made, and it was a seed that I planted, and the whole reason for this podcast, and even how I found out about this radio show and the podcast, it was all there, once I've made the intention to speak more freely and openly about Christian and I and our story, these things started to just open up. I was asked to be a guest on somebody else's radio show on this station, and I sort of thought, Oh, okay, they also turn each radio show into a podcast, which is something that I'd always been shown. So I inquired, and here I am. That's how it happens. So it's following the signs that you get, as well.



So we've been doing the podcast for eight weeks and then I'm thinking right, especially after episode eight where we had this big sort of announcement, I thought, right, what am I going to do next because Christian's talking about this new adventure all the time. He's like, "We're on a new adventure now". It's almost like his objects that he's waiting for - to come back to him, his camera cards - have already arrived. So we have to let that go. We're just gonna let that happen as it's gonna happen. And we're now on to the next adventure. So, again, this was a 'right, okay, we're doing a new adventure, we're seeding this new adventure'. And, yeah, the last couple of weeks I have... um... I didn't think I was going to, I had no intention of, but I have been guided to book myself into a retreat in May, next year, in France, very near Canne, so South France, big investment. But it's the right thing for me. All I know is that all the time up until next May, it's actually going to be on my birthday, a lot is going to happen, which will make me ready for that retreat, because, at the moment, I don't feel I'm in a position to do it. But I've said yes to it. By saying yes to something, which is going to be a real stretch, I've kind of made a step and a commitment and trust in what I'm being now asked to do. And the Universe's just met me halfway. So for a few weeks, I've been getting guidance about receiving money to be able to - like, all I can see is it's like a spiral that goes up and gets wider and wider - so receiving money, which will help me get a much bigger audience for what we're doing. And just a few days ago, last week, I got a random... actually, there was nothing random about it... I got an email into my junk box offering... literally, it's shone out to me (because they never do in the junk box normally you just click it away), but it said, 'telling your story to a wide audience'. And I thought oh, okay, let's have a look. Anyway, it turns out to be a lady in Australia, on the Gold Coast where I'm always... I mean, anyone who knows me, for the last year I've been talking about being drawn to Australia... and so the last four days, I've been on a challenge to basically be awarded a scholarship to join a masterclass in speaking to online audience, on a global scale, something completely... I mean, just unbelievable. So I should know, this evening - so it's Australian time - so I know I'm in the running for it, so I should know, this evening, if I've been awarded a full scholarship, or it could be partial, but we'll see. And, like if that happens, Big Gulp! and I have to trust what's happening ahead of me. And if it doesn't happen there, I have to trust that, okay, I've learned a lot in the last four days, I've learned a huge lot, and that will be useful for then what comes next. So either way, whatever happens, I'm not pinning my hopes on anything. It's just I know and I trust that we are moving in the right direction. So what I hope you can see from that, because I've only got a couple of minutes, is that once you plant the seeds, and you make that intention, you almost have to just let life recalibrate and find a pathway for you. Just keep your faith that you will be able to do this. That you are supported. That the Universe is working SO hard for you to achieve what you want and it will give you everything that you need. So there's a big difference between 'yes I want this', but what do you NEED to reach that goal? So any setbacks that you have, just stop and think 'okay, what have I learnt from this? What can I take forward?' Okay, expect the best. Expect the best people.


Hannah Velten  54:58

Hmm, okay. So next week, I have an amazing guest to introduce to you. She's been a young carer. Both her parents died of cancers and she has an amazing story to tell - very inspirational. I can't wait for you to meet her, Rochelle. So that will be next week's show. And, yeah, stop planting those seeds and protect them, nurture them, really nurture them. You can do this. Okay, lots of love. And I'll see you next week. Okay, bye, bye.


Hannah Velten  55:46

Thank you for listening to the Finder of lost things. I think we've been triggered so long and so hard by COVID and it's going to carry on. People are getting used to stillness and they're getting used to a more solitude but how do you use that time for the highest good, this process that we're going to explore? We'll bring back the joy and purpose to life. That wholeness you know, that sort of harmony and flow and togetherness. People are really ready to find their last parts now. You can find me at