March 01, 2021

Episode #7 - The Gift of Strength - with Christian's friend, Sara Jaffar

One of Christian's most favourite people, Sara Jaffar, is joining the show this week, to share her memories of Christian and the amazing way that she and Hannah met in 2018. It was a time when Hannah was needing strength as she faced the reality of life with her brother-in-Spirit and the adventure that he (and her soul) was asking her to embark on. This show is really asking you to reflect on the legacy that you are going to be leaving behind, how loss is an illusion and how Spirit can touch our earthly lives if we ask for support, guidance and love.

February 22, 2021

Episode #6 - Conquering The Fears

Becoming 'The Finder of Lost Things' hasn't been an easy path to tread - every fear has been triggered within Hannah and in those around her. Fear of spirit, fear of being abandoned, fear of rejection, fear of being seen, fear of her power: these fears (and more) made her soul purpose feel like a burden at many points. But Christian and Hannah were able to move through all the fears, and they want to share with you how this was possible, and why it was essential to vanquish their limiting beliefs, past life karma and ancestral trauma to reach a state of balance and sovereignty. What fears might be holding you back from treading the path your soul wants you to follow?

February 15, 2021

Episode #5 - Opening Up To Love

This episode should come with a warning, Hannah's been told. It will change your life. So often we struggle and strive, feel like we are alone, feeling rejected and even a martyr to other's whims and desires. But there is another way; where unconditional love creates miracles and manifestations beyond our wildest dreams. This is a time for sharing from a place of wholeness: a union can be created allowing co-creation and abundance. It's all about allowing what's unique about you to really shine: to uncover those hidden parts of yourself which are stopping you from fully opening to all the love that's around you. This show will illuminate what love can really make possible. Love is power. Love is all you need. Seriously. Illustration: Twirls - F.A.S (Hannah's 9yr old daughter) Theme Tune: Great White Shark - performed and written by Laura Gardner https://laurawritesandsings.com Full show notes can be found at https://www.finderoflostthingspodcast.com

February 08, 2021

Episode #4 - Navigating The Crucial 'In-Between' Times

The finding of lost things is a marathon, not a sprint. Hannah Velten yearned to find her brother, Christian, quickly after we realised he'd gone missing in Africa, but it took her18 years to find all the missing pieces of him, herself and the story; and then climb 'the second mountain' of transformation.There were massive leaps of truth, clarity and understanding along the way, but most of the time was an 'in-between time' which required Hannah to discover and master a whole set of new tools and also, crucially, cultivate the patience to surrender, rather than fight and/or stew in frustration and despair.During these times of pause (Covid lockdowns, etc) and irrespective of what healing and transformation you're searching for, Hannah is going to share with you the main lessons she learnt with regard to navigating (and speeding up) those 'in-betweens' when nothing productive seems to be happening. How can we really see what's going on? How can we learn to trust ourselves and the process? How can we get ourselves ready to co-create our future?

February 01, 2021

Episode #3 - Sowing The Seeds with Ursula Dekker

Today's episode falls on Imbolc - the point of mid-winter and the beginning of Spring (in the Northern hemisphere). Hannah will draw three 'Earth Magic' oracle cards for live guidance on how we can best use the inspiring energies of this time. Hannah and her guest, soul healer Ursula Dekker, will also discuss how grief and loss can be an initiation into transformation and growth - we hold the key to our freedom. We heard Ursula in Episode #2 and today she speaks openly about alchemizing the grief she held on to for 18 years following the death of her beloved father, Edward. Just imagine what might be possible if you could do the same?

January 25, 2021

Episode #2 - Shipwrecked Heart, Released

"You understand how threadbare life can be if you don't step out of your own pain and allow someone to hold out a hand to you and rescue you. You, however, did that for yourself. I want you to have my heart as I have your heart..." Your missing pieces can appear in the most unexpected forms and often when you're not even looking. However, you do need to make the invitation for change, for help and for support to approach you. Then you have the choice whether to grab the gifts that are being offered out to you, or turn away. In this episode, Hannah shares a profound and beautiful series of healings events which happened to her during the past week. Listen to her story of a purple heart, two stuck souls, Christian, her spirit dog (Duffy), a client/healer (Ursula) and an activation that has released an echo of love which will be heard by everyone who needs to hear that pure love, compassion and holy listening really can banish pain, fear and shame whatever the physical circumstances. Illustration: A Heart For You - F.A.S (Hannah's 9yr old daughter) Theme Tune: Great White Shark - performed and written by Laura Gardner

January 18, 2021

Episode #1 All Is Not Lost

It's time for renewal. It's time for an awakening, for growth, for a return to wholeness. What parts of you are missing? We've certainly been through, and continue to navigate, a world in flux triggered by COVID, by fear, by division. Our mission - my brother, Christian, and myself (yes, we come as a double act!) - is to heal and transform grief in this world. A tall order, yes, but perfectly possible. To do this we will be inspiring and empowering you to "refind" your superpowers of trust, healing, and transformation.To find what's missing. To let go of what you no longer need to carry. We have an unseen team behind us. We have our personal experiences to share. We have stories to tell. We have rituals to perform. Are you ready to walk with us towards your renewal? This week's guest is musician, poet and lightworker, Laura Gardner, who wrote our theme song - Great White Shark. There was 'Big Magic' behind its creation... I can't wait for you to hear the story! Full show notes can be found at www.finderoflostthingspodcast.com (Image Copyright: The Spiral - Freya Sherriffs)

November 06, 2020

Stories That Inspire Hope with Kornelia Stephanie and Friends

Struggles, Failures, and Wins. Now more than ever before, we need stories that inspire hope. The stories you tell to your children and grandchildren, your neighbors, and your customers are stories of how your life experience mattered. Telling stories...