Chloe Hardy

I am an artist and poet originally from Sussex. I trained to be a ballet dancer in Surrey but after an injury went to University of East Anglia. I studied literature where I gained a BA (Hons). I now work with animals living in the remote Highlands of Scotland. I hope to one day get my poetry books published. I enjoy travelling and have travelled solo around all of Europe including the far off Canary Islands and Greek Islands, which I found especially inspiring to my poetry. I can be found on Instagram @cleovonpatra though my account is private.

June 28, 2021

Episode #23 - The Last Journey - with Chloe Hardy

Super fan of the show, artist and poet Chloe Hardy, got in touch to ask if she could write a poem about Christian. I said 'Of course'. So, here is Chloe reading her poem 'The Last Journey' about Chris' experiences in Africa. It later turned out that Chloe had met Chris in both the physical and non-physical realms and hence her request. We also discuss Chloe's own experinece of severe grief, with three male friends dying in the space of three years - all under strange circumstances. We delve deep and talk ghosts, ancestral chains, death premonitions, post-death visitations and much more.