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Chloe Hardy

I am an artist and poet originally from Sussex. I trained to be a ballet dancer in Surrey but after an injury went to University of East Anglia. I studied literature where I gained a BA (Hons). I now work with animals living in the remote Highlands of Scotland. I hope to one day get my poetry books published. I enjoy travelling and have travelled solo around all of Europe including the far off Canary Islands and Greek Islands, which I found especially inspiring to my poetry. I can be found on Instagram @cleovonpatra though my account is private.

Episode #23 - The Last Journey - with Chloe Hardy

June 28, 2021

Super fan of the show, artist and poet Chloe Hardy, got in touch to ask if she could write a poem about Christian. I said 'Of course'. So, here is Chloe reading her poem 'The Last Journey' about Chris' experiences in Africa.…

Guest: Chloe Hardy