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Kerri Scott

“I am here to share my love of self. I do this in a number of ways that honour my values of introspection, creativity and openness. All my roles in this world are authentic expressions of this space that I hold. This is my truth.”
Kerri has lived the pain of losing a loved one to suicide after their diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Her grief journey has become her spiritual journey and from her loss she has discovered the power of self-love.
Opening up about her grief has changed her in ways she never knew were possible as she holds space for others to do the same.
Kerri is a writer, designer, energy healer, astrophysicist and mental health advocate.
She is the founder of the Soul Selves framework that bridges the ego and the higher self.
Kerri has been a guest blogger for the International Bipolar Foundation as well as other publications and is the creator of the blogs Soham Design and Exercise Your Breath.
Kerri is currently working on her debut book, Celebrate Your Grief, Transforming Your Loss into Self-Love.
She lives on Vancouver Island, in Canada with her husband and their two children.

Episode #19 - Healing a Sudden Loss - with Kerri Scott

May 31, 2021

Kerri Scott lived with the pain of losing a loved one - twin flame and ex-boyfriend, Michael - to suicide for more than two decades. He had a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. After taking personal responsibility, her grief jou…

Guest: Kerri Scott