Laura Gardner

Creator of ‘Great White Shark’ - our theme tune

Laura is a musician, poet and lightworker on a journey to live life by listening to the small voice within. Having been drawn to creative expression from her early years, Laura is now consciously embracing the intention of her soul to create. After more than a decade on a conventional career path, she has broken free from the corporate world and is opening to possibilities. Laura's intention is to share her gifts for words and music to bring love, light and peace to the hearts of others.

July 12, 2021

Episode #25 - Reflections & Rebirth - co-hosting with Laura Gardner

The final episode of 'The Finder of Lost Things' sees Hannah reflecting on the past 6 months travelling alongside Chris and her amazing guests. There are some loose ends to tie up and also looking towards the future. Hannah's re-joined by Laura Gardner who has her own reflections to share after becoming involved with the podcast by 'downloading' the show's theme tune and listening to every episode.

February 01, 2021

Episode #3 - Sowing The Seeds with Ursula Dekker

Today's episode falls on Imbolc - the point of mid-winter and the beginning of Spring (in the Northern hemisphere). Hannah will draw three 'Earth Magic' oracle cards for live guidance on how we can best use the inspiring energies of this time. Hannah and her guest, soul healer Ursula Dekker, will also discuss how grief and loss can be an initiation into transformation and growth - we hold the key to our freedom. We heard Ursula in Episode #2 and today she speaks openly about alchemizing the grief she held on to for 18 years following the death of her beloved father, Edward. Just imagine what might be possible if you could do the same?

January 25, 2021

Episode #2 - Shipwrecked Heart, Released

"You understand how threadbare life can be if you don't step out of your own pain and allow someone to hold out a hand to you and rescue you. You, however, did that for yourself. I want you to have my heart as I have your heart..." Your missing pieces can appear in the most unexpected forms and often when you're not even looking. However, you do need to make the invitation for change, for help and for support to approach you. Then you have the choice whether to grab the gifts that are being offered out to you, or turn away. In this episode, Hannah shares a profound and beautiful series of healings events which happened to her during the past week. Listen to her story of a purple heart, two stuck souls, Christian, her spirit dog (Duffy), a client/healer (Ursula) and an activation that has released an echo of love which will be heard by everyone who needs to hear that pure love, compassion and holy listening really can banish pain, fear and shame whatever the physical circumstances. Illustration: A Heart For You - F.A.S (Hannah's 9yr old daughter) Theme Tune: Great White Shark - performed and written by Laura Gardner

January 18, 2021

Episode #1 All Is Not Lost

It's time for renewal. It's time for an awakening, for growth, for a return to wholeness. What parts of you are missing? We've certainly been through, and continue to navigate, a world in flux triggered by COVID, by fear, by division. Our mission - my brother, Christian, and myself (yes, we come as a double act!) - is to heal and transform grief in this world. A tall order, yes, but perfectly possible. To do this we will be inspiring and empowering you to "refind" your superpowers of trust, healing, and transformation.To find what's missing. To let go of what you no longer need to carry. We have an unseen team behind us. We have our personal experiences to share. We have stories to tell. We have rituals to perform. Are you ready to walk with us towards your renewal? This week's guest is musician, poet and lightworker, Laura Gardner, who wrote our theme song - Great White Shark. There was 'Big Magic' behind its creation... I can't wait for you to hear the story! Full show notes can be found at (Image Copyright: The Spiral - Freya Sherriffs)