Louise Adams


Hi there
My name is Louise. I am a Reiki Master Teacher; Complementary Therapist; Lecturer of Complementary Therapies, Training company director and Trainee Homeopath.
For 18 years I have worked part NHS/part private health care and my own personal clinic. I also have my own Training Company - Petals Training. I teach live online accredited courses on "How to teach"; Confidence; Motivation; Stress Management to individuals and staff.
As a therapist my emotional focus is on managing peoples stress, anxiety, PTSD; Fears/Phobias etc. My physical work as a therapist involves treating the side effects of cancer treatment and chronic health conditions.
In my NHS/private health care role I have worked in end of life cancer care for adults and teenagers experiencing cancer. I also work from diagnosis, through treatment and back to health.
I also work with the relatives who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.
In my end of life work my passion/calling is holding space as a healer for patients and their loved ones in their final moments. Holding the energy of the patient as they pass whilst also holding the energy of the relatives saying their goodbyes.
Within my cancer work I have taught Reiki to patients; relatives; carers etc. The ability to use Self-healing techniques for empowerment, relaxation, recovery etc has been an important part of my time as a healer/teacher.

July 05, 2021

Episode #24 - Learning to Grieve - with Louise Adams

"Grief is for us, not for them," says end-of-life healer, Louise Adams. After working for 18 years with cancer patients (her calling), Louise has experienced the life force leaving bodies and transitioning into peace, love and light, while patients' families have been left with their grief. Louise has seen cultural differences in mourning rituals and feels our Western culture needs to re-vision death, life-after-death and grief so that we are able to grieve more freely and have support in place to teach people how to best navigate the transformative process of grieving - for themselves and for their loved ones in Spirit. Chris and Hannah add their own experiences into the mix.