Sophia Christou

Sophia is a bold, visionary artist. A self-confessed colour junkie, with a rainbow soul, she uses her love affair with colour to uplift and balance those who have her energentic art in their households. She knew she was an 'artist' before even lifting a crayon, but she grew up in a household full of uncertainly and often dependant upon her father's temprament. She developed a strong bond with her elder brother, Zubi, who became her protector and when Zubi committed suicide, while staying in a local mental health hospital, Sophia's grief and creativity was stiffled as she became the protector for her family, friends and at work in the police force. Around the age of 40, Sophia experienced a spiritual awakening and Zubi was right there with her. Following her healing journey, she rediscovered her passion for art and now wishes to use her colour-healing-vibes gift to build 10 modular homes for survivors of people trafficking and domestic violence.

June 21, 2021

Episode #22 - Heal Colourful - with Sophia Christou

Hannah meets artist Sophia Christou who creates vibrant colourful abstract paintings which have a unique energy. Her art is bold. Her art reflects her personality, now. Even as a child Sophia knew she was an artist without even picking up a crayon, yet she lost her zest for creativity during her turbulent childhood and then the death of her brother, Zubi. She held in her grief, supporting the rest of her family for over 20 years. Yet her brother had other ideas and, in a moment of space, prompted Sophia to set off on a healing and transformation journey which she shares to help others who also want to rise into joy and vibrancy.